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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who is politicizing the Olympics?

The Chinese Communist Party has consistently asked everyone who has given good reasons to boycott Beijing Olympics by any means not to politicize the Olympics. And yet the Chinese Communist Party has been politicizing the Olympics by calling a Hong Kong legislator who openly does not support Beijing Olympics a "Sneaky Traitor of the Han". Mr. Martin Lee, a very experienced Hong Kong Democratic Party member did nothing but to urge the U.S. to use the Olympics as a strategic device to improve upon the rotten human right conditions in China. Mr. Lee did not even invite anyone to boycott the Olympics. How is this well-respected legislator of Hong Kong a "Sneaky Traitor of the Han"?

So, any Chinese asking the Chinese Communist Party to improve upon its horrific human rights record is a "Sneaky Traitor of the Han"? Does the unelected Chinese Communist Party represent the Han race? Obviously, the Chinese Communist Party is ready to politicize anything in its favor. Anyone who is against its illegitimacy will be labeled as nationalistic sinner. Anyone who is against Beijing Olympics is a sinner! How about the human rights violators? Westerners should be very careful when they are misled to believe that the Chinese Communist Party has had any improvement in the past 10 years given the improved economic environment. After all, the Chinese Communist Party still relies heavily, if not exclusively, on false propaganda to rule China, without being elected!