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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Attack of Handicapped Lady in France Fabricated by Chinese Communists

The "Tibetan" who attacked a handicapped lady during the Beijing Olympics Torch relay in France was found to be a fake!

Apparently, the Chinese Communist Party paid for someone to act as a Tibetan to attack the handicapped lady in France.

The actor was later found in a photo walking with pro-Beijing protesters, instead of pro-Tibetan protesters, during the Olympics Torch relay.

Please watch the video and read the English subtitle very careful!

Spread the words!

Barbaric Pro-CCP Chinese Communists in Korea

The following youtube video shows clearly a bunch of pro-Chinese-Communist-Party Chinese violently attacked a pro-Tibetan peaceful protester during the Beijing Olympics Torch relay in South Korea:

The Chinese Communist Party has been practicing cultural genocide in Tibet. Its long-term propaganda has always been to exaggerate its support to Tibetans which aims at raising racial conflict and tension between Mainland Chinese and Tibetans. On the one hand, the Chinese Communist Party declares that Tibetans are Chinese, though not Han Chinese. On the other hand, it always bad-mouths Tibetans as a backward race that is superstitious, uneducated, barbaric, and inferior to Han Chinese.


Olympics Torch Effect: Hong Kong No Longer a Free Port

Jens Galschiot and the Orange group have been denied entrance to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong SAR government has declined any comment about why the peaceful Color Orange activist who is allowed to enter Hong Kong under international treaty could not enter in Hong Kong, a supposedly free port.

Reportedly, the Orange group was invited by the Hong Kong Alliance, a pro-democratic organization in Hong Kong. Members of Hong Kong Alliance commented that the denial of entrance represented a seriously backward development of democracy in Hong Kong.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Support Jack Cafferty to Stand Against the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Games!

Does the Chinese Communist Party represent Chinese? Is the Chinese Communist Party elected by the Chinese in China? Is the Chinese Communist Party supported by Chinese around the world? Are Chinese or the illegitimate Chinese Communist Party hosting the Olympics?

Starting from today, we should be very careful about our use of words to describe the Chinese Communist Party. Otherwise, we will be facing the same accusation that Jack Cafferty is facing as the Chinese Communist Party tries to turn all Chinese against him. What kind of sin has Jack committed to deserve all the blames? Not much! Just the misuse of the word "China"! Jack used the word "China" when he was trying to describe the crimes committed by the illegitimate Chinese Communist Party.

Just remember China is not equivalent to the illegitimate Chinese Communist Party! We boycott Beijing Olympics hosted by the Chinese Communist Party. We DO NOT boycott "Chinese Olympics" or "China Olympics"! Beijing Olympics is a "Communist Olympics" used by the Chinese Communist Party to promote its recent economic miracle resulting not from its long-term economic policies, but from the influx of investment capital from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the rest of the world!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Video Shows Why Some of the Photos on Tibet Riot were FAKE.

Add another reason for you to boycott Beijing Olympics!

This Video Shows Why Some of the Photos on Tibet Riot were FAKE.

Right after the Chinese Communist Party had officially declared that the peaceful demonstration of Tibetan monks and civilians for a week as the "Tibet Riot," foreign reporters and tourists were expelled in the name of personal security.

This video shows you why many high quality photos widely circulating on the internet about he so-called Tibet Riot are fake or are staged by the Chinese Communist Party.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boycott Beijing Olympics

For whom should we boycott Beijing Olympics? Well, in case you don't know exactly whom we consumers should boycott for, the following is a list:

  • Boycott Beijing Olympics for Tibetans whose country has been invaded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for more than 57 years now. Tibetans in Tibet have been suppressed by the CCP in human rights, in Tibetan cultures, in religion, and in education.

  • Boycott Beijing Olympics for Darfuris who are facing the systematic genocide conducted by the non-African Sudanese dictatorial government. Over 200,000 Darfuris had been directly or indirectly killed as a result of the CCP's blockage of any UN resolution to save Darfuris during the period of 2002 to 2007. The CCP is also the major supplier of arms to the Sudanese government.

  • Boycott Beijing Olympics for Burmese who have been suffering for more than two decades under the illegitimate dictatorial government's control of Burma. Minority groups in Burma have been suffering from systematic genocide with over 200,000 casualties so far. The CCP is the major supplier of arms to the Burmese junta and has been blocking any serious UN resolution both to the 2007 crackdown of peaceful protest and to the genocide.

  • Boycott Beijing Olympics for Chinese pro-Democratic, human rights activists in China. Environmentalists, AIDs awareness groups, pro-Democratic movement groups, religious freedom groups, and other rights groups in China have constantly been harassed, beaten up, murdered, and jailed by the CCP. Many Chinese activists and human right lawyers, such as Hu Jia, Ching Cheong, Lü Gengsong, Chen Guangcheng, Shi Tao, Yao Fuxin, Hu Shigen, Li Chang, and many many more Chinese have been jailed.

  • Boycott Beijing Olympics for East Turkistanis (East Turkestanis) whose country has been invaded by the CCP since 1949. The CCP has been practicing cultural genocide, colonization, religious repression, and forced abortion in East Turkistan (Xinjiang) limiting the natural demographic and economic growth of the country.

  • Boycott Beijing Olympics for the world. The CCP colludes with dirty big corporations to pollute the world, the promote corruption, and to produce low quality and potentially hazardous consumer products. The CCP has made China the number one polluter in hazardous gas and greenhouse gas. The CCP also involves in the recent arms race and has helped North Korea and Iran in obtaining arms and technology for the production of nuclear weapons.

The Boycott of Beijing Olympics is conscientious consumerism, not politics! Why should we support a dictatorial regime that is exploiting and suppressing its own people, that is invading other countries, that is polluting the world, that is promoting racism, that is against human fairness and dignity to use the Olympics to promote the success of this EVIL dictatorship?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chaos brought by the Genocide Torch on Youtube!

Human Rights Overshadow Olympic Torch Ceremony

Beijing Olympic torch protest - London

Olympic Torch Protest London (1)

Olympic Torch Protest London (2)

Olympic Torch Protest London (3)

Olympic torch relay flame attack ladbroke grove london 2008

attempted to put out the Olympic torch with a fire extinguis

Olympic torch in Paris - protest - Free Tibet 3

Protester getting close to Olympic Torch in Paris Relay

Olympic Torch Relay & Protests - Paris April 7, 2008 #2


Olympic flame torch in Paris - Trocadero Part 7

Peace Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge

BOYCOTT OLYMPIC SPONSOR China 2008 Beijing Torch Tibet

San Francisco Olympic Torch Protests

TM3: Olympic Torch Demonstration: San Francisco

Olympic Torch relay run protest in San Francisco

Protests at Olympic Torch Run, San Francisco, 4/9/08

Anti-China Protest in San Francisco

San Francisco Olympic Torch Relay Raw Footage P3

olympics schmolympricks!

A youtuber, djlookwood, wrote a song about the Olympics. According to djlookwood:

"The olympics are a distraction from the core issues of our times, and the number one issue is WAR!

Sports mimic war, or maybe war mimics sport or maybe both are just myths of EMPIRE in the way that we are conditioned to percieve them."

Well, the IOC tries to fool us, consumers, by declaring the Olympics as pure sports, as something that is apolitical!

Look, the Olympics is supposed to be hosted by a city, not a country and certainly not a dictatorial party. Why does the IOC allow a dictatorial party to use it as a tool to publicize its legitimacy and it greatness? Why does the IOC allow gigantic corporations to use the Olympics as a tool to sell their products to sports fans? The Olympics has been political and commercial from day one!

Perhaps, we should stop boycotting the Olympics and starting boycotting the IOC, boycotting the hosting countries, and boycotting the corporation sponsors of the Olympics! The athletes are innocent, but the parties trying to use the athletes for their own good are not!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Free Tibet Flag Flying on the Top of Golden Gate Bridge

Three professional climbers have climbed up the Golden Gate Bridge to hang the "One World One Dream Free Tibet" flag before the Olympics Torch arrives at San Francisco in the U.S.

The following is a video concerning the incident provided by on youtube:

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Chinese Communist Harassing a Tibetan in London

It is well-known that the Chinese Communist Party has been using the Tibet incident to promote nationalism in China and to try to get full supported from ill-information Chinese who are blinded by the state-run medium. By continually providing Chinese citizens with wrong information about Tibet and Tibetans, the Chinese Communist Party has been able to raise the social tension between Chinese and Tibetans.

Besides the heavy propaganda for bad-mouthing Tibetans and Dalai Lama in China, the Chinese Communist Party has also arranged its overseas communist machineries joined mainly by overseas communists and communist rich kids studying abroad to conduct massive demonstrations against anti-invasion Tibetans. Who in China are sufficiently well-to-do to send their kids to study in London? Remember the per capita GDP of China still ranks about 90 in the world!

The following is a video showing clearly that a pro-communist Chinese was harassing a peaceful Tibetan protester in London:

Olympic Torch Flame extinguished in Paris!

Reportedly, the Olympics Torch had been extinguished three times (or two times?) while being transported by some athletes in Paris almost right after it left the Eiffel Tower. According to CTV, the flame was first put off by the French Police to avoid a clash with the protesting crowd. The second time it was put off was because of some protesters approaching a torch carrier on wheelchair.

To the religionless communists in China, is this a sign that something really bad is going to happen during the Olympic Games?

To get some feel about what happened in London and Paris, please take a look at the following video on Youtube posted by a youtuber called "itzAndrewTyler."


Sunday, April 6, 2008

China: Extinguishing the Flame of Genocide in Darfur

A facebook member holds a sign saying: "China: Extinguishing the Flame of Genocide in Darfur."

There is a group known as "Boycott the 2008 Genocide Olympics" with over 6,700 members. One of the members posted a photo with a man holding a sign "China: Extinguishing the Flame of Genocide in Darfur."

Who are the Real Enemies of the Chinese Communist Party?

It is not the U.S. or Japan, or the pro-human-right international organizations, or environmentalist around the world, or the collapsing foreign policy. It is the increasing opposition voice from within China!

Many Chinese in China have supported the slogan of "Human Rights First, Olympics Second" as the human right situation in China has not had any significant improvement in the past twenty years when there has been noticeable economic growth in China.

As the economy in China has flourished, an ever growing number of highly educated group of citizens who believe that political reform in China has significantly lagged behind it economic development. The lack of political reform has resulted in ever-increasing corruption activities, intolerable pollution, forced eviction of poor citizens, spread of AIDS and SARS, poisonous food and unsafe products, rising income inequality, and even economic bubbles.

Hu Jia, a Buddhist, an environmentalist, and an AIDs activist has recently been jailed again. This is not the first time that this conscientious educated Chinese residing in China is jailed. He is sentenced to three and a half years for alleged "subversion," a political offense that has frequently been used by the Chinese Communist Party to shout up any constructive or destructive comments made by fellow citizens.

The international community has just launched "The Color Orange Campaign" to protest against the Chinese communists' brutal crackdown of an unprecedented number of Tibetan protests in Tibet and other areas in China and their violation of human rights and freedom of expression by arresting a large number of human right activities and human right lawyers right before Beijing Olympics 2008.

A full boycott of Beijing Olympics is often thought of inviable and will only punish Olympics athletes. However, not reacting to the recent inhuman events conducted by the Chinese Communist Party reveals the corruption of the entire human race. Making moral compromise only to obtain cheap products from a developing dictatorial nation is simply an intolerable inaction for a passionate human being.

There have been several suggestions to keep pressure on the Chinese Communist Party to put more respect to the human rights both inside and outside of China. Many law makers and politicians in Europe have already decided to boycott the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics. The French team has decided to wear a batch urging the Chinese Communist Party to respect human rights. Danish sculptor, Jens Galschiot, and his art workshop have come up the idea of wearing orange clothes to protest against the Chinese Communist Party during Beijing Olympics ( This is certainly a brilliant reply to the restriction imposed by the International Olympics Committee that no Olympic athletes should wear anything related to politics during the Olympic Games.

Can China Ban the Color Orange?

Click this link to see a youtube video on Greek police ban the colour orange!