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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not Greenhouse Gas, But Hardcore Air Pollution

Beijing Olympics 2008 is hosted by the most polluted city, Beijing, located in the most polluted country in the World, China.

China will become the number one greenhouse gas emitter probably next year. The Chinese tends to argue that with a population of 1.3 billion, the air pollution problem in China is not as serious as that in the U.S. with only 0.2 billion of people. This argument is unsound because the population in China with a standard of living as high as an average American is definitely smaller than 0.1
billion. This means that the air pollutants produced per high-level consumer in China is as least twice as high as that in the U.S.

Whereas many environmentalists are still debating which country should reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission the most, the real problem has not even been touched, namely, hardcore air pollution as a result of the emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and carbon monoxide. The real air pollution problem in China is not carbon oxide emission, but the emission of toxic pollutants. Moreover, the air pollution problem in China is not at the consumers' level but at the producers' level.

The number of factories in China has been increasing because of the relocation of production from western countries to China. The Chinese government uses this as an excuse for the worsening of air quality in China. This seemingly correct excuse has some hidden flaw to it. In particular, an increase in industrialization if under careful control by the government should not result in serious air pollution facing China today. The absence of control by the Chinese government, perhaps as a result of corruption or incompetence, has resulted in uncontrolled pollution which is even worse than that occurred in Detroit back in the 1950's and the 1960's when many Americans were still ignorant.

Recently, the air pollution of China has not only affected itself, but also its neighbours, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. It was even reported that some remote islands, such as Guam, have become the victim of China's industrialization.

The question is whether one should allow the world's worst polluter to host the Olympics in 2008 when the Olympics symbolizes healthy sports and spirit?

Boycott Olympics for Darfur - From a Youtuber

Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hosted by China.

However, in the name of economic development, China has been creating strong strategic alliance with some African dictators known to be evil, such as Sudan and Zimbabwe. China buys at least 70% of Sudan's most important export, namely, oil. In return, (according to Global Witness) Sudan has purchased about $100m in arms from China and has used these Chinese weapons against civilians in Darfur.

No more evil oil, or no Beijing Olympics 2008 in China!

A United Nations plan to send in an armed force to protect humanitarian workers and stop the killing was sidetracked last year when the Khartoum regime refused to let them in, and China abstained from the vote. Most foreign aid workers have withdrawn from the area for lack of protection.

As Professor Reeves has pointed out, it is time to begin shaming China. China's complicity in the Darfur genocide makes its Beijing Olympics slogan, 'One world, one dream' ironic.

Neither the US nor the European government is going to do anything. It is time to take the effort private. Beijing Olympics 2008 is a "peaceful" weapon for conquering the big dragon, China.

(This video is produced by a youtuber, "khalidelatyeb")

Weapons for Oil, China Responsible for Darfur Genocide

Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hosted by China, a totalitarian communist state.

Amnesty International accuses the Beijing communist Authority of supplying arms and ammunition to Sudan. China has also used its veto power as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council to resist calls to send international peacekeepers without Sudan's consents.

Steven Spielberg, an "artistic adviser" to Beijing Olympics 2008, recently sents a letter to Chinese President Hu Jintao asking China to change its policy towards Sudan.

China's new foreign minister recently defended China's record in Sudan and said calls for a boycott of Beijing Olympics were doomed to fail.

Support Beijing Olympics 2008, support gencide in Darfur.

Invading Tibet to Killing Students, China Making Progress?

Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hosted in China which is ruled by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party CCP.

The Chinese Communist Party in China has been practicing cruelty to minorities, Chinese citizens, and animals. From the Killing of Tibetans during its invasion and occupation to the Killing of students and citizens on June 4, 1989, the Chinese Communist Party has been willing to do anything to secure or even increase its power.

There is no human rights or animal rights in China. How can such a government host Beijing Olympics 2008 in China?

No human rights, no animal rights, no Beijing Olympics 2008 in China!

Griefs, Suffering, and Chaos in China under the Communist Regime

Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hosted in Beijing China which is ruled by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party CCP.

As China is enjoying an economic growth rate of at least 10% a year, most Chinese people in China (even those in Beijing and Shanghai) have barely tasted the fruit of economic growth. State owned properties, land, and enterprises in China have fallen to the hands of a few powerful communists. The Chinese communist local authorities in China even steal land from farmers giving them only little compensation. These communists also own power plants and highly polluting industries that have been creating an unprecedented number of cancer cases killing thousands and thousands of Chinese every year. There have been many protests recently in many provinces in China. Most of them ended up with killing or injury of Chinese citizens. The casualty rate has been increasing. Human right violation is becoming more and more serious in China.

No human rights, no Beijing Olympics 2008 in China.

On the other hand, the Mainland Chinese communists are known to be copy cats producing billions and billions of pirated items, including VCD movies, CDs, books, clothing, cosmetics, and so on every year. The Chinese Communist Party even own a fake Disneyland in Beijing, China. They use copyrighted Disney characters and Japanese cartoon characters wihtout paying for the franchise or anything.

No elimination of copyright violations, no Beijing Olympics 2008 in China.

The Barbarism of Communists Affects Chinese Negatively

Olympics 2008 will be hosted in Beijing China which is ruled by a totalitarian Chinese Communist Party CCP.

Mainland Chinese Communists are cruel, barbaric, and merciless. Thanks to the Cultural Revolution, the destruction of traditional Chinese culture and values in China. Chinese communist soldiers kill peaceful Tibetan monks who cross the border to go to India to see their spiritual leader, Dalai Lama.

Mainland Chinese new imigrants to Milan Italy were obstructing the roads and were warned by Italian police. They then gathered illegally on the streets, waved their red Mainland Chinese communist flag to try to irritate the Italian police force, destroyed private properties, and hit Italian bypassers with plastic bottles.

No culture and civilization, no Beijing Olympics 2008.

No human rights, no Beijing Olympics 2008.

A State-owned Fur Farm in China Skins Animals Alive!

Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hosted in China which is a country ruled by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party CCP.

Under the Mainland Chinese Communist Regime, China has absolutely no animal rights of any sort for the protection of animals from tortures, abuses, and painful death. In fact, it has been known since the release of some insider movies by Peta that the fur farms in China have been practicing inhumane tortures to little animals. In China, dogs, cats, raccoons and other animals are skinned alive and are beaten up before they die in pain lasting for more than 15 minutes. The Mainland Chinese communist government has been accused of knowing these facts and not stopping these extreme cruelty of man kind in the name of China's economic growth. Can we allow such a country to host the Beijing Olympics 2008?

Around the world, there have been protests against China for its total lack of animals right and its inhuman actions against animals.

No animal rights, no Beijing Olympics 2008!

China Jails Human Right Activities Without Fair Trials!

What's your feeling towards the China National Anthem?

China Olympics 2008 will be hosted by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party that does not respect basic human rights of Chinese citizens in China. Every year there are many Chinese human right activists be prosecuted in close trials unjustly in China. The China anthem reminds us the violation of human rights in China!

No release of all human right activists, no China Olympics 2008.

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