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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Olympic Freedom T-Shirt Movement

Mr. Kai Chen, an Los Angeles resident, has printed up 500 T-shirts with his own money and has begun a campaign asking athletes and tourists to wear his T-shirt when they take part in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Reportedly, the front of the white cotton shirt bears the words "Beijing 1989 Tiananmen," with the red font dripping down onto "2008 Olympics".


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rise of East Turkestan Militants and Beijing Olympics

The Chinese Communist Party has invaded East Turkistan since the end of WWII. East Turkistanis have been suppressed in many aspects, such as no regligious freedom, strict population control, isolation from the world, deprivation of education opportunities, racial discrimination, colonization by Mainland Chinese, etc.

Normal East Turkistanis have remained rather neutral and wish to receive more religious freedom. They still represent the majority of East Turkistanis in the so-call "Xinjiang/Uighur" region (formally known as East Turkistan/East Turkestan in history). Reportedly, however, Uighur militant groups (such as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement) have grown larger and have developed some linkage with al-Qaida. These militants receive training from the al-Qaida and desperately want East Turkestan to regain its previous status as an independent state.

Human rights group, such as Amnesty International, have repeatedly suggested to the Chinese Communist Party that its suppression of human rights in the region is not a solution to the East Turkistan problem. In fact, such suppression only turns a normal East Turkistani into an aggressive militant.

Some other sources (such as the Council of Foreign Relations), however, do not believe the claim by the Chinese Communist Party that Xinjiang separatist groups, including the ETIM, really threaten Chinese control of the region. The potential for the Uighur conflict to radicalize certainly, on the other hand, makes the Beijing Olympics much more unsafe than most people would expect.

The above photo is from


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Invading Taiwan using Olympics Torch

The Beijing Olympics organizers have warned Taiwan, a virtually independent state that could not get a UN membership because of political reasons, that if it does not allow the Olympics Torch to pass through, then Taiwanese atheletes will not be able to participate in Beijing Olympics in 2008.

The organizer proposed that the torch should arrive in Taiwan from Vietnam on April 30, 2008. Then the torch will go to Hong Kong and Macau, two cities occupied by China since 1997 and 1999. Many Taiwanese have pushed for a route that passes Taiwan via Asian countries other than China.

According to the Olympics Charter, the Olympic Games are hosted by cities and participants are individual athletes, instead of individual nations. Using the Olympics torch as a political threat to force individual athletes out of the Olympics is a major violation of the Olympics Charter!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Green Games Turn Grey

To prepare for Beijing Olympics 2008, the Chinese Communist Party has set some pollution target for Beijing.

It turns out that Beijing was unable to meet the target in May. In fact, the month of May turned out to be the most pollution month of the year!

By moving polluting industries out of Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party has been hoping to reduce the level of air pollution in Beijing to an acceptable level so that Beijing can host Olympics 2008 in a "glamorous" way! As usual, the Chinese Communist Party has overlooked many factors. The Northwestern region is the culprit for producing the smog in Beijing. Moving a bunch of substandard powerplants or factories in Beijing cannot solve the air pollution problem in Beijing because the pollutants are produced in areas close to Beijing but not in Beijing itself.

Now, the Chinese Communist Party must be worried about their dreams in their own world because their so-called "Green Games" will turn grey!


Boycott Beijing Olympics 2008 for Burma

In seek of more natural resources that can fuel its high caliber of economic growth, China has been aligning with third world Asian and African countries, regardless of whether these countries have extremely poor human rights records.

In 2005, for instance, PetroChina signed an agreement with the Burmese dictatorship to obtain 6.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. In addition, China imported timber, gems, marbles, and other national resources from Burma. In exchange, China provided medicine, facilities, chemical products, agricultural technology, ... and above all, tanks, missiles, fighter planes, machine guns, ...

The current Burma is a military-state and a dictatorship. China is now the major supplier providing the Burmese dictatorship with 90% of its arms and amunition.

Human right reports indicate with photos and other solid evidence that the Burmese Army burns down villages, beats up children, and kills civilians. Some civilians become slaves working without any wages.

The Burmese Army also gang rapes women throughout Shan, Karen, Chin, and other states in Burma. To date, it is estimated that there are 2 million Burmese refugees. A huge number of people have been killed or died from disease and malnutrition with their homes destroyed.

The following video is dedicated to the boycott of Beijing Olympics 2008 for those Burmese who are suffering from the genocide committed by the Burmese dictatorship.


Dictator Watch

Free Burma Rangers

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

China Builds Highway for Olympics to Symbolize its Sovereinty in Tibet

China is planning to build a highway on the top of Mount Everest, between Napal and Tibet. The Chinese Communist Party claims that the highway facilitates the Olympic Torch Relay that passes through Tibet.

Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, is 29,035 feet tall and straddles the border between Tibet and Nepal.

According to Phayul, taking Olympic torch to the top of Everest may well be a strategy of the Chinese Communist Party to underscore its claims to Tibet. This may eventually lead to unprecedented protests from Tibetans. In fact, four Free Tibet activists from the U.S. were arrested on Everest base camp in April after unfurling a banner calling for Tibet's independence.

Chinese Communist troops first occupied Tibet in 1950. The Dalai Lama, revered by Tibetans as their undisputed spiritual and political leader now lives in India after escaping Tibet in 1959. The following is a video that documents the reality of Tibetans' lives under the Chinese Communist occupation.


Real Slavery Found in China, the Host of Olympics 2008

A seemingly trivial article posted on a Chinese discussion forum on June 7, 2007, uncovered a real case of child slavery in Shanxi, China. In less than a week, this article has attracted more than hundreds of thousands of views. Chinese citizens from all over China rushed in to discuss how an alleged 1000 child slaves abducted from the Henan province and eventually sold to the Shanxi province could be rescued.

The article described the child slavery in Shanxi as a tragedy resulting from the ignorance and indifference of the government officials in Shanxi, possibly due to corruption or alliance with unethical Shanxi businesses.

On June 16, in an interview with New York Times News Service, Liu Cheng, a professor of labor law at Shanghai Normal University explained that the incident is a typical example of a government-business alliance. Forced labor and child labor in China are illegal, but some local governments don't care too much.

The following are two videos posted by youtubers "daughterofchina" and "noolympics" about Shanxi child slavery:

Reportedly, until June 19, Chinese government officials announced that 20 suspects accused of slave abduction have been arrested and 300 slaves have been freed. However, there has been no mention of which local government officials in the Shanxi province are responsible for the incidient that has last for more than a few years now.

Chicago Tribune,1,433682.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Tianya Public Forum


Monday, June 18, 2007

Boycott Beijing Olympics to Stop the Chaos in China

Last week, there was a Japanese youtuber who posted a very funny video suggesting that we should boycott Beijing Olympics 2008. In the video, the youtuber pointed out the chaotic events happening in China, from food poisoning to pirating. Perhaps it is the right time for the world to review the decision of allowing Beijing to host Olympics 2008. The video also serves as a mirror for the communist dictators in China so that they can have a quick reality check of the problems they have created directly or indirectly in China in the past 50 years.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

China Still a Secretive Communist State - Food Poisoning

An ingredient in an ingested product, diethylene glycol, killed many users. The origin of the toxin was traced back to China. Investigation was virtually impossible because the Chinese manufacturer shut down shortly after the poisoning was revealed. China officials were totally uncooperative. Requests to find the manufacturer were ignored. Business records were withheld or destroyed.

This sounds very familiar. Wait a second, this is not Panama. This is Haiti. A decade ago, the same poisonous ingredient, diethylene glycol, killed innocent Haitians. How come it happens again in Panama?

People should learn that China is really not an advanced nation. It's level of business ethics can never be compared to those of advanced economies. This is worsened by the irresponsive Chinese government officials who are often described by main stream media as corrupt.

Houston Chronicle

China Digital Times

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Slavery and Child Labor in China Found

Underaged children have been found in factories that produce Olympic-related products. Some factories are known to hire children in school holidays. Reportedly, these children are each paid 20 yuan (about $2.50) a day. BBC's investigation confirms the report issued by an alliance called PlayFair 2008. According to the report some olympics-related factories had hired children who often had to work from 7:30am to 10:30pm.

The report published by the "PlayFair 2008 campaign group" can be found at the following link:

According to the report, labor right violations include:

  • adult wages at half the legal minimum

  • employment of workers as young as 12 years old

  • employees made to work 12-hour shifts seven days a week in unsafe and unhealthy conditions

With freedom of association banned in China, the workers lack any effective means to defend their rights.

The following youtube video (provided by youtuber "minh2824") shows what a typical sweatshop in China is like:

In addition to the problem of using children labor, has very recently reported a news article originally found in Shanxi Evening Post about 31 people being forced to work as slaves without any wages at a brickworks run by the son of a local Communist Party official.

One labourer was beaten to death for not working hard enough, before police freed the other slaves in the factory.


BBC News:,23599,21871210-1702,00.html

Sunday, June 10, 2007

444 Days Launched Its Boycott Beijing Olympics Campaign

A Korean human right group called 444 Days just launched a Boycott of Beijing Olympics 2008. Its recent protest accused China of violation of human rights by deporting North Korean refugees.

The Chinese communists have been accused of helping the North Korean dictatorship to launder money for the purchase of weapons and for the development of nuclear weapons that have become a major threat to the region.

The above video posted by youtuber "vaseloid" shows very clearly that Chinese communist policemen have illegally trespassed into a foreign embassy to arrest North Korean refugees who would face imprisonment or even execution after they were deported and sent back to North Korea.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Good Documentary on Darfur Genocide

This is a very good documentary on Darfur genocide. I hope they have a similar detailed documentary on Burma genocide! By the way, the Chinese communist dictator is selling weapons to both of these dictators in exchange for oil and other natural resources!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Global Consumers' Boycott of Beijing Olympics 2008

Why should global consumers boycott Beijing Olympics 2008?

A human right writer, Demetrius Klitou, has listed the following ten reasons for boycotting Beijing Olympics 2008:

1) Human rights are practically non-existent in Communist China
Religious persecution, imprisonment and murder of non-violent political dissidents, torture, organ harvesting and sentences to hard labour are widespread.

2) The lack of freedom of the press and safety risks for foreign reporters
Many foreign websites are banned from being visited within China, foreign reporters are prohibited from interviewing anyone without previous permission from the government, and the content of all broadcasting is severely restricted. Foreign news media reporters have been arrested and sentenced to prison under vague and wide-reaching security laws.

3) The 1980 Olympic Games in Communist Russia were boycotted by 64 states, under the leadership of the U.S.
Beijing is not any different from Moscow in 1980, which was also the capital of a Communist police state.

4) Communist China constantly threatens to attack Taiwan
China's government passed a law that explicitly calls for military intervention in response to any intention by the democratic government of Taiwan to declare independence. Military manoeuvres indicate that the Communists' military is preparing to enforce this law.

5) Beijing has the most polluted air in the world
Studies and satellites photos have proven that Beijing suffers from extremely high nitrogen dioxide levels, vitally dangerous to the health of the athletes.

6) China is plagued by widespread social, political, and economic unrest
A surge in huge land grabs and forced evictions by the Chinese government for reasons of economic expansion and Olympic Games preparations have sparked thousands of protests. The government has murdered hundreds of protesters.

7) The Chinese have been bribing and threatening large numbers of members of the International Olympic Committee
A number of U.S. Representatives, for example, Congressman Tom Lantos, have stated this on national television.

8) A boycott has some potential to serve as a strategy to encourage human rights in China
Only the greedy and foolish global elite think this is true the other way around.

9) Holding the Olympic Games in Communist China contradicts the Olympic
Charter The Olympic Charter defines the philosophy of Olympism as the "respect for universal fundamental ethical principles" and its goal of promoting "a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity."

10) Don't repeat the errors of 1936 when Nazi Germany was allowed to host the Olympic Games
The Olympic Games will give Communist China the same propaganda tool Nazi Germany
enjoyed. Not since 1936 have the ideals of Olympics been so trampled upon.

The following is a list of additional reasons that are similar, if not more important, for boycotting Beijing Olympics 2008:

11) Ignorance of safety of exported food
Ingredients of pet foods contain toxic substances that have never been checked by the Chinese communist government before their exports. This results in the deaths of many cats and dogs in the U.S. Ingredients of a toothpaste sold in Panama contains a toxic ingredient that killed over 100 people. Every year, Chinese food and medical items have killed or injured human beings and animals all over the world. The Chinese communist government has been indifferent and has ignored these issues.

12) Disrespect of the value of human lives in China
Every year thousands and thousands of coal mine workers die because of explosions in unsafe mines. The Chinese Communist government has known the situation for a long time. In the name of economic growth and because of the corruption of local officials, most of the illegal coal mines still exist.

13) Providing weapons to Sudanese government which are directly related to the systematic genocide of the civilians in Darfur
In exchange for oil, Chinese communists have been providing lethal weapons to the dictatorial Sudanese government to carry out systematic genocide in Darfur.

14) Providing weapons to Burmese government which are directly related to the systematic genocide of the civilians in Burma
In exchange of the natural resources in Burma, Chinese communists have been providing lethal weapons to the dictatorial Burmese government to carry out the current ethnic cleansing in Burma.

15) Ignorance of Chinese laborers work and living conditions
Many owners of privatized once-state-own companies go bankrupt so as to avoid paying pensions to the retirees. Sweat shops violating labor laws in China are allowed to operate without facing any penalties from the government due to corruption and non-action of local officials.

16) Total absence of animal right laws
Thousands and thousands of dogs and cats are eaten and their fur exported. There are solid evidence that many state-own fur farms skin animals alive in some inhumane ways.

How can global consumers boycott Beijing Olympics 2008?

1) Divest in any funds, investment accounts, stocks of companies that are related or have involved in the Beijing Olympics 2008.

2) Do not participate in Beijing Olympics 2008 either as an individual athelete or as a tourist.

3) Do not buy any souvenirs or reject any gifts from any friends that are products related to Beijing Olympics 2008.

4) Tell your friends and family memembers about the dark side of Beijing Olympics 2008.

5) Boycott any products that show the Beijing Olympics logo.

6) Boycott the companies that are partners, suppliers, or sponsors of Beijing Olympics 2008.

The following is a list of China and international companies that are either partners or sponsors of Beijing Olympics 2008:

Worldwide Olympic Partners:
Coca Cola (USA)
Atos Origin (France)
Johnson & Johnson (USA)
Kodak (USA)
lenovo (China)
Manulife (Canada)
MacDonalds (USA)
Omega (Switzerland)
Panasonic (Japan)
Samsung (Korea)
Visa (USA)

Beijing 2008 Partners:
Bank of China (China)
China Network Communications (China)
Sinopec (China)
China National Petroleum Corporation (China)
China Mobile (China)
Volkswagen (Germany)
Adidas (Germany)
Johnson & Johnson (USA)
Air China (China)
State Grid (China)
People's Insurance Company of China (China)

Haier (China)
Budweiser (USA)
Sohu (China)
Tsingtao (China)
Yanjing Beer (China)
Uni-President (Taiwan)
Yili (China)
Heng Yuan Xiang (China)
BHB Billiton (Australia)

Exlusive Suppliers
Greatwall (China)
MengNa (China)
Beifa (China)
Ya Du (China)
Snickers (USA)
Technogym (Italy??? and worldwide; Technogym UK Ltd.: Doncastle House, Doncastle Rd - Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 - Tel: 01344 300 236 - Fax: 01344 300 238)
Royal (Hong Kong)
Staples (USA)
Schenker (Austria)
Vantage (China)
Synear (China)
Two other company with unknown English name

English First (International, Sweden ???)
Crystal CG (China)
Yuanpei Translation (China)
Der Floor (China)
Aokang (China)
Liby (China)
Price Waterhouse Coopers (half US/half UK)
Mondo (Italy? Spain?)


The Human Rights Blog: 10 Reasons to Boycott the Olympics

AZplace: 10 reasons to boycott the 2008 Olympic Games in communist China

Official website of the BEIJING 2008 Olympic Games:

Monday, June 4, 2007

International Organizations Demand China to Improve Human Rights

According to Reporters Without Borders' article on June 1, 2007, 8 French and international organizations demand China to improve upon its poor human right conditions before hosting Beijing Olympics in 2008. The following is a list of their eight demands:

1. Free everyone who has been in prison since the 1989 Tiananmen protests, as well as all prisoners of conscience.

2. End control of the media, including the Internet.

3. Suspend all executions in China pending abolition of the death penalty.

4. Abolish the practice of administrative detention.

5. End the routine use of torture.

6. Allow free and independent trade unions.

7. Abolish article 306 of the criminal code, which allows lawyers to be arrested or banned from working.

8. End evictions from land and housing.

Conservation of Tibetan Culture

Tibetan Photo Project has created a video in honor of the Congressional Gold Medal for Dalai Lama. The video discusses about the need to preserve Tibetan culture. China as a rising nation with economic power should consider helping instead of obstructing Tibetans in preserving their valuation unique culture.

The invasion of Tibet since the 1950s has created endless conflict between Tibetan and the Chinese Communist Party. There is still a major lack of freedom of religion for Tibetans who have strong faith in the religion, Buddhism. There have been news about Tibetan monks being beaten up and jailed without fair trials. Foreign reporters are banned from interviewing Tibetans such that there is virtually no contact between the Tibetans in Tibet and the outside world.

One world, one dream. Free Tibet. Stop brutual invasion of land and culture!

Video source: Tibetan Photo Project

China Denies Darfuris of Human Rights

China colluded with several other African and Middle East countries to deny that there was actually a systematic genocide in Darfur during a U.N. Human Right Session. The refusal of Darfuris from receiving protection from the U.N. peacekeeper force by China and these other countries was accused by the U.N. Watch, an independent organization scrutinizing the U.N. Human Right Council, during a special Council Session on March 17, 2007.

The credibility of the Human Right Council is now susceptible. For instance, the U.N. Watch correctly pointed out that whereas Irael was condemned for the violation of human rights in Palestine, the more serious violation of human rights in Darfur had been purposely ignored as a result of the continuous blockage of it recognition by China and Russia as permanent members of the U.N. Security Council.

See also another video entitled "Banned UN Speech: Human Rights Nightmare"

In this video, one sees that the speech made by the UN Watch has been banned by the Human Right Council Chairman from being minuted. The UN Watch's speech was not only not welcomed, but banned!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Food from China Poisoning the World

Tons and tons of food items and medicines are exported from China to countries all over the world. A majority of these items are never checked or tested by the irresponsible Chinese Communist dictatorship government.

Every year there are food and medicine poisoning cases revealed killing and injuring thousands of people. Recent years, a majority of food and medicine poisoing case have been proved to be directly related to irresponsible Chinese companies and their overseas Chinese partners and the corrupt Chinese officials.

The following is a much shortened list of food poisoning cases related to food produced in China:

  • In 2002, the EU and the U.S. found that Chinese honey contained chloramphenicol, an antibiotic causing fatal blood condition.

  • In 2004, fake Chinese baby milk with no nutritional ingredient killed close to 100 babies in China.

  • In 2004, a small sample of Chinese food items revealed that Sudan I, an industrial poisonous dye, was contained in 88 food products.

  • In 2005, in Sichuan China, over 40 people died after eating pigs infected of with streptococcus suis.

  • In 2005, in Zhadian China, a seven-year-old boy died and another 55 people were hospitalized after eating beef stew containing excessive sodium nitrite.

  • In 2005, in Harbin China, the food in a restaurant contained rat poison killed one person and injured 200 people.

  • In 2005, Japan and South Korea found that 95% of the beer from China contained formaldehyde, a carcinogen.

  • In 2005, Chinese kimchi imported to Korea was found to contain a large number of parasite eggs.

  • Since 2005, Malachite Green, a commercial dye, has been found in fish, crab, and eel imported to Hong Kong from China.

  • In 2006, it was found that geese were fed with Sudan Red II, a carciogen, to make eggs more red.

  • In 2006, Chinese medicine and toothpaste contained Diethylene glycol, a poisonous antifreeze, killed more than 50 people in Panama.

  • In 2007, eggs and rice dumpling in Hong Kong imported from China contain Sudan Red, a poisonous commercial dye.

  • In 2007, Greenpeace found significant amount of banned insecticide (e.g., Beta-HCH and Carbofuran) in vegetables sold in Hong Kong.

  • In 2007, tainted pet food containing, a toxin called melamine from China, killed many dogs and cats in the U.S.

  • In 2007, the U.S. FDA found that poisonous puffer fish from China was intentionally mislabeled as Monkfish.

In the month of April 2007, there were 257 refusals of Chinese products compared to 140 from Mexico and 23 from Canada.

Catfish laden and honey with banned antibiotics, scallops and sardines with putrefying bacteria, Mushrooms with illegal pesticides, ...

the list goes on and on....

Stop and think. Can we allow such an irresponsible country to host the Beijing Olympics 2008?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Forced Eviction in Beijing in the Name of Olympics

The above video, entitled "The Unseen China - Chapter 4", is one of the 5 videos in this series. See also the other videos in the series:
The Unseen China - Chapter 1
The Unseen China - Chapter 2
The Unseen China - Chapter 3
The Unseen China - Chapter 5

These videos from Youtube show the dark side of the hosting of Olympics 2008 and economic development in Beijing in recent years. Many citizens in China become unemployed and their pensions have been forfeited as state-enterprise privatize and evil businessmen close down factories for real estate development.

On the other hand, Beijing dwellers have been evicted by local government in the name of Beijing Olympics. In fact, Olympics is just an excuse. The local government receives bribe money and colludes with evil real estate developers. Old houses have been demolished to give way to the building of new hotels and shop malls. Original owners of the old houses often receives little compensation. Some of them become homeless because they are don't have sufficient money to afford new houses or they are unable to obtain mortgage loans. They eventually become homeless.

(The videos are posted in Youtube by a youtuber, "chryosx")

Another Boycott Beijing Olympics for Darfur Video

China, a totalitarian communist country will be hosting the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

China has been accused of selling arms to Sudan which supports the terrorist group called Janjaweed that carries out the genocide of Africans in Darfur.

One of the missions of the Olympics is to promote human rights amongst member countries. China being a permanent member of the UN Security Council not only suppresses the human rights of its own people, but also enforces its veto power to resist calls to send UN peacemakers to Sudan.

The Chinese communists will certainly be using China Olympics 2008 to promote communism. Using the blood oil from Sudan, China will also be increasing its economic growth and use the money to strengthen its arm race.

Support China Olympics, support Genocide Games 2008.

(The vid is produced by a youtuber, "khalidelatyeb", entitled "Boycott Beijing Olympics 2008".)

Air Pollution in China Kills Chinese and Neighbours

Beijing is one of the most polluted city in China. China is the number one polluter in the world.

Thanks to the heavy industries hosted in the north eastern part of China. Every year air pollution has caused millions of Chinese residing in China to have lung related diseases. Thousands and thousands of Chinese die of lung cancer and lung diseases in China every year. The cost of economic development is so hugh. But the Mainland Chinese Communist Party, putting its sole priority on economic growth, has done nothing to stop air pollution in China.

Today, China is not only polluting itself, but also its neighbours, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. To witness how bad the air pollution has become, you may go to Beijing Olympics 2008 in China.

Some research studies have shown that the pollutants from Mainland China have been negatively affecting the west coast of the U.S. and other islandic countries such as Guam. The following is a video posted by a youtuber showing how Guam is affected by air pollution from China:

China Polluting Guam

No cleaning up of pollution, no Beijing Olympics 2008 in China.