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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Limiting Foreigner Transplants Just For Olympics

The Chinese Communist Party has been seriously criticized by many human right advocates in some advanced nations for conducting internationally unacceptable practice of organ harvest. A study by two Canadian renowned politicians has shown solid evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has harvested internal organs from prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners without obtaining their consents. Some of the organs may even have been removed from these victims while they were still alive.

To avoid another boycott (besides the boycott due to Darfur genocide) of Beijing Olympics, the Chinese Communist Party has finally decided to cover up the organ harvest case by making organ transplants illegal for foreigners temporarily. The problem with the seemingly compromising action is that despite the restriction on foreigner transplants, there is no guarantee that prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners will not be executed without receiving fair trials.

The action also cannot guarantee that organs removed from prisoners will not be stored for future usage or even for exports. Still another problem is that the new restriction may be temporary and will be removed soon after Beijing Olympics is over.

The following are two videos uploaded by youtubers "GeorgiaY" and "pfict" about organ harvest conducted by the Chinese Communist Party:


Monday, July 9, 2007

"We Want Human Rights, Not Olympics" Champaign in China

Two Chinese dissidents who launched the "We Want Human Rights, Not Olympics" champaign were arrested. Reportedly, the champaign has successfully collected over 10,000 signatures from different parts of China. Supporters range from farmers and miners to students and professors.

Radio Free Asia (RFA) tried to confirm the incident with local police but did not receive any confirmation. A supporting miner told RFA that mine owners have consistently failed to pay them salaries. Complaint made to local Chinese Communist Party officials has so far been ineffective. This is one of the major reasons why he has supported the "We Want Human Rights, Not Olympics" champaign.

References (in Chinese) (audio in Cantonese)

Bring Tibet to the 2008 Games

Nine Tibetan exciles living in Switzerland announced that they planned to form the Tibetan Team to participate in Beijing Olympics 2008. These Tibetans are now seeking moral support from the Swiss public, through offering training facility and sponsoring.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Slavery Olympics and Slavery World Wonder

Slavery 2000 years ago and slavery 2000 years later!

This was China in the Chin Dynasty 2000 years ago and this is China under the communist regime 2000 years later. Anyone knows and anyone cares about the Great Wall of China being built by slaves back in the Chin Dynasty? The name China originated from the word "Chin" which was the name of an empire built by the barbaric Chin/Han race originally resided in the northwestern part of Asian Mainland around the Yellow River region.

Chin was initially a small barbaric country which was not civilized despite its advancement in warfare strategy and weapons 2000 years ago. After invading the eastern and the southern parts of Asia Mainland, it declared "unification" of a great nation when in fact it was nothing more than "invasion" of the more civilized countries in the eastern and in the southern parts of Asian Mainland.

The so-called "Chinese" history (official history written by the Chin Dynasty) recorded that after the invasion, the king of Chin had killed many scholars (perhaps civilized citizens in the southern nation) and burned many books (perhaps books and historical records written by the civilized race in the south, the Yuet race).

The king of Chin then enslaved many citizens from the southern nation and ordered them to build the so-called Great Wall of China which served to block any attacks from the even more barbaric race further north (the Huns).

The story of slavery did not end there! Recently, there was real slavery (as opposed to economic slavery) found in Shanxi province in China. Reportedly, local Chinese Communist officials ganged up with gangsters to abduct out-of-province laborers and children. They then sold them to kiln owners as slaves. From the media of Henan, 1000 children were missing. However, only about 100 were rescued. There was no further progress of the rescue being reported.

What is ironic is that in the name of stopping slavery, the Chinese Communist Party invaded Tibet, claiming that Tibetan monks were practicing slavery. What is more ironic is that the true slavery practitioner will be hosting the Olympic Games in 2008. What is even more ironic is that the symbol of slavery, the Great Wall of China, has just been elected as the number 1 World Wonder!


Saturday, July 7, 2007

"What Ifs" of Beijing Olympics

1. What if air pollution in Beijing is not getting better? It has been known that every year, some professional athletes going to the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank Marathon end up with some health problems, ranging from fainting to heart attacks. Will international athletes die at the Beijing Olympics or at least have their performance negatively affected due to severe air pollution?

2. What if tap water gets polluted? It is known that China under the so-called "communist regime" does not have any good public health care system. Where would international athletes receive medical treatment and at what costs?

3. What if the victims of forced eviction in the name of Olympics protest on the street blocking Marathon runners from finishing their race?

4. What if Taiwan declares itself an independent state permanently departing from Mainland China? Will Beijing Olympics turn out to be the first War Olympics or Invasion Olympics in human history?

5. What if North Korea and Iran announce that they will speed up their nuclear weapon development programs and the U.S. would like China to vote at the UN Security Council for immediate sanction against these countries? Will the U.S. boycott Beijing Olympics at the middle of the game when China declines the sanction proposal?

6. What if reporters from all over the world who go to China insist in reporting news related to Tibet, East Turkistan, and other even more sensitive issues? Will reporters boycott all forms of coverage of Beijing Olympics when some of them are arrested reporting the sensitive issues?

7. What if Olympics catering carelessly feeds international athletes with poisonous food which leads to the death of some of them?

8. What if some of the Olympics constructions collapse due the use of fake or substandard construction materials?

9. What if human right groups march to the street in Beijing protesting against the human right violation by the Chinese Communist Party in China? What if the majority of Chinese demand immediate political reform towards democracy at the middle of the Olympics?

10. What if severe sandstorm continue non-stop for a week?

11. What if college students in Beijing repeat what happened on June 4, 1989?

12. What if the People's Liberation Army officials press a wrong button and launch a missile carrying a nuclear warhead that eventually hits Japan?

13. What if the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church accuses the Pope of provoking Chinese Catholics to revolt against the Chinese Communist Party? Will the Pope announce a world-wide boycott of the Olympics by all Catholics right at the middle of the Olympics?

14. Will the numerous riots and protests in China get even bigger and more frequent during the Olympic Games? Will the Chinese Communist Party declare Martial Law and impose curfew on all people, including international athletes, in Beijing?

Well, the possibilities seem endless! Perhaps, any imaginative being will be able to create another list that is much longer and much more likely to happen than mine!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Global Protest by Activists Against Beijing Olympics on August 8

Reportedly, some right groups have planned to protest against Beijing Olympics 2008 on Aug. 8, exactly one year prior to the opening ceremonies.

Amnesty International is considering a demonstration at the Chinese embassy in Washington. Dictator Watch ( a watchdog of Burma genocide has also announced at its website that it has set Aug. 8 as the "Worldwide Day of Action". Tibetans have also planned for actions at Major League Baseball Games and will formally launch a Web site focusing on the Olympics.

The recent face saving actions taken to improve human right conditions in China by the Chinese Communist Party have been seen as superficial. Reportedly, 1000 child slaves were abducted by local gangsters and Chinese Communist Party members in Shanxi. So far, however, only a hundred or so have been rescued and 12 only people have being prosecuted.

On the issue of Darfur Genocide, the Chinese Communist Party has finally agreed that the UN may send peacemaking troops to Sudan to avoid massive genocide to take place. However, the Chinese Communist Party is still strongly against any form of economic sanction against the Sudanese dictatorship.

On organ harvesting, instead of seriously arresting Party members involved in organ harvesting, the Chinese Communist Party has set restrictions on foreigners for obtaining organs possibly harvested from unwilling prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners.

On other international issues such as violation of human rights, jailing dissidents with fair trials, suppression of religion, suppression of freedom of expression, invasion of Tibet, copyright violation, etc, the Chinese Communist Party has been known to be firm for ignoring any international pressure.


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A World Bank Report Indicates a Clean Beijing Olympics Unlikely

Whereas the Chinese Communist Party has become more sensitive to its environment record, a study conducted by the World Bank has indicated that more than 750,000 Chinese die of air-pollution related diseases prematurely every year. This report certainly smacks on the face of the Environmental Department in China which just declared that the Chinese Communist Party would dedicate its full effort to make Beijing Olympics a "Green Olympics".

Ironically, the Chinese Communist Party had just warned the World Bank that the report should cut off the intimidating figure to avoid any panic. The final version of the World Bank air pollution report, therefore, may not contain the important figure about the horrifying truth about the severity of China air pollution. However, that does not mean the Chinese Communist Party will be able to control air pollution. It only shows once again that the Chinese Communist Party is able to control media as usual.


Monday, July 2, 2007

A Video on the March of July 1 in Hong Kong

63,000 Hong Kongers participated in the march of July 1 to protest against the blockage of universal suffrage by the Chinese Communist Party. The following is a video available on youtube:

Sunday, July 1, 2007

68,000 People March in Hong Kong Showing Dissatisfaction of the Communist Regime

There were about 68,000 protesters in Hong Kong who joined the July 1 March to voice their dissatisfaction about the Chinese Communist Regime.

Under the Basic Law, an agreement set up jointly by the U.K. government and the Chinese Communist Party in China, Hong Kong has been entitled the unconditional right to elect its own governor and members of its Legislative Council. The Chinese Communist Party has continually argued unilaterally without fundamental justification that the Basic Law is a "subset" of the Constitution of China under the communist regime. Therefore, the right of Universal Suffrage can only been granted by the Chinese Communist Party.

Dissatisfaction and mistrust amongst the people in Hong Kong towards the Chinese Communist Party has been growing since the outbreak of SARS in 2003. This continues to be the case despite the tighter control exerted by the Chinese Communist Party over the media in Hong Kong and Hong Kong's booming economy.

Most protesters are angry about the continual obstruction of the Universal Suffrage by the Chinese Communist Party which has been the basic right of Hong Kong people granted by the Basic Law. As of today, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong who was appointed by the Chinese Communist Party has refused to state a clear road map or a timetable for when Universal Suffrage will actually occur.

The Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong is believed by most of the people in Hong Kong as an good example which will eventually guide the political reform in China.

The Chinese Communist Party has been a dictatorship in China since 1949.