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** International Burma Awareness on Youtube **

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

International Burma Awareness on Youtube : Oct. 31 - Nov. 1

Action Name: International Burma Awareness on Youtube

Dates: October 31 - November 1, 2007

Purpose: To raise the awareness of youtubers on the Burma crisis that has been succumbed by the brutal force of the Burmese military dictators.

Goal: 200,000 - 400,000 views for each of the targeted videos to hopefully make the administrators of Youtube to put them onto the front page.


1. Email all your friends the following message:

Email Title: International Burma Awareness on Youtube: Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2007.

My dearest friends:

I am writing to ask for your compassionate support of the peaceful monks and civilians who have recently been brutality beaten and gunned down in Burma (Myanmar) by the military dictators. The situation in Burma is far worse than you can imagine. Human rights groups have documented serious genocide, raping, and enslaving activities committed by the Burmese military dictators.

Please join the "International Burma Awareness on Youtube" champaign! By simply clicking the following links on either October 31 or November 1, 2007, you can let the world aware of the poor Burmese monks and civilians. The goal is to produce 200,000-400,000 views on each targeted video so that Youtube administrators will put them onto the front page of Youtube.

Targeted videos: (Video from Burma: SHOOT on SIGHT) (Jim Carrey - Call to Action on Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi) (Inside Myanmar: The Crackdown)

**Remeber to rate the videos 5/5 stars if you have a youtube account. Refresh the videos will increase the number of views.

Other relevant videos: (Missing Monks in Myanmar Burma Dead Body Found) (Rocketboom : Myanmar/Burma) (More Deaths in Burma Protests - part 2) (Shootings Monks and Civilians in Burma)

If you have time you can also comment on the videos to let the world know how you feel!

Please forward this important message to as many people you know as possible. Every click counts!

Yours sincerely,

2. If you know of any internet discussion forums, electronic newspapers that allow people to make comments, other video hosts, etc, you may also copy and paste the above message!

3. Send the above message to your friends on facebook or other similar websites.

4. Link the above videos to your blogs (at least the top three) and ask people to go back to your blogs on Oct 31 and Nov 1 to click on them!

5. Tell your co-workers and friends face to face about the "International Burma Awareness on Youtube" champaign.

6. Do a little "legal" and "non-annoying" spam on some websites (such as youtube) that you are familiar with. If the website bans posting links, sometimes you can try some tricks. Send me a message and I will show you!!!!!!!

7. If you have a youtube account, you may want to make one of the targeted videos your "featured video." Remember to log on and make a 5-star rating for each of the targeted vidoes. I believe youtube will look at not only the number of clicks but also the rating!


Christian students atlanta said...

I am from China, and I am completely pissed off at you all boycotting the Beijing Olympics. Do you all realize that what a chance it is for Western ideals to spread in China? For Christians to preach their gospels in China? I don't deny that there are some problems with the Chinese government, but do you all realize how capitalistic China is today? By the way, don't use your western ideals and thinking to judge China. Chinese people have a completely different perspective on things.

Biba said...

As "Chinese people have a completely different perspective on thing" where to find "a chance for Western ideals to spread in China?"
This was my first belief too, lets bring to China a new fresh air.. but after seen the opinions of the majority of your co-nationals, there is no hope you will be put off from your materialistic view of progress.

Iztok said...

If chinese have completely different views on things, then FREE TIBET as it never belonged to China. Those monks and children never did any harm to any Chinese. One of my friends said once as he was in Tibet. There was none of Tibetans who tried to bribe him, but also there was none of Chinese who didnt try to bribe him.

Have a nice day
Iztok (Slovenia)

yugo1186 said...



FUCK ALL WHO OPPOSE CHINA. Try to stop us mother fuckers, you fail. this nazi facsist blog page of a epic fail. WHo is the author of this atrocity and propaganda