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Monday, March 31, 2008

Instead of the World Changing China, China is Changing the World

"Instead of the World Changing China, China is Changing the World. Dragging it in the direction of Oppression!" A Tibetan spoke softly while he was arrested by the Greek police. "No Olympics torch to Tibet. Shame on China," he repeated. The following video was captured when Tendor, a Tibetan, was arrested after protesting outside of the Olympics Torch Ceremony in Greece.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chinese Communist Police "Acting" as Tibetan Monks!

I downloaded this photo from a discussion forum. I am unable to verify its source. I am also unable to verify whether this photo is genuine. However, since each of the Chinese Communist police is carrying a monk's dress, judging from the position and posture of each policeman's hands, I believe the photo is real!

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A Tribute to the innocent Tibetans who were brutally murdered by the Chinese Communist Party!

Boycott? No boycott? And how?

I believe everyone in the world should understand that it is unfair for an athlete not to participate in the Olympics at all. It has been constructively suggested that as an Olympic athlete, one may simply skip the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Skipping the Olympics Opening Ceremony sends a clear message to the world that whereas everyone should support the Olympics, no compassionate human beings should support the dehumanizing, brutal, dictatorial regime in China.

The following video is a tribute to those Tibetan monks and civilians who were brutally tortured and/or murdered by the violent and illegitimate Chinese government:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Killings of Tibetans by the Chinese Communist Party Confirmed!

Add another reason to the list of why the Beijing Olympics should be boycotted! The "Students For A Free Tibet" group has shown with solid evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has been capturing, torturing, and killing Tibetans without going through any legal court procedures.

More disturbing photos with death bodies of Tibetans can be found here!

The following video shows some horrifying scenes of Tibetan dead bodies:

The Tibet Riot Video Supplied by the Chinese Communist Party is FAKE

The heavy machinery of the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda has been trying its best to bad-mouth Dalai Lama, the Nobel peace prize winner and a prestigious Buddhist monk. The Chinese Communist Party has worked extremely hard to supply photos and videos to western media either directly or indirectly and internet forums. A lot of the so-called evidence of Tibetans invoking violence in Tibet is, however, FAKE!

The following video explains in detail why one of the videos widely spread through the internet is strongly believed to be FAKE. The original video was allegedly shot by a tourist in Tibet. It was posted onto a private blog which is then spread using many discussion forums in the world. The following video analyzes the problem inherent in the original video giving reasons for why the original video is suspicious and why the so-called Tibet Riot could actually have been directed and staged by the Chinese Communist Party.

The same video is also available on Youtube:

If you also doubt the original video, please spread the words!