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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Human Rights Torch Counters Communist Torch

The Global Human Rights Torch Relay launched by the CIPFG has started in Athen since August 9, 2007. Reportedly, the Human Rights Torch arrived in Berlin on August 25. According to the mission stated on the website, the Global Human Rights Torch Relay aims at telling the Chinese Communist Party, a dictator in China, to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Through the Global Human Rights Torch Relay, CIPFG calls on the international community to boycott the Olympic Games in Beijing as long as the crimes against humanity persists.

The following is a series of videos about the progress of the Human Rights Torch Relay:

Monday, August 27, 2007

South Koreans Say "No Human Rigths, No Olympics"

On August 18, 2007, some North Korean human rights activists held a protest denouncing Beijing Olympics in light of China's human rights violations as well as its repatriation of North Korean refugee's back to North Korea.

The following is a video on youtube showing how some North Korean human rights activities shouted "no human rights, no Olympics!" in Soeul, Korea.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

China: Politicizing Product Safety but Not the Olympics

To the Chinese Communist Party, human rights are politics. In most advanced civilized nations, however, human rights are part of human principles and human value.

The Chinese Communist Party continually warns the world that no one should politicize the Olympics based on its major human rights violation in China. However, human rights groups all over the world believe the Olympics promotes human values and human principles and, therefore, the dismal human rights condition in china should be seriously considered in determining whether the Chinese Communist Party, a dictator in China, is legitimate to host the Olympics.

What is ironic is, the Chinese Communist Party has tried its best to politicize its own food and product safety problems in its exports to the world. Instead of trying to improve on its poor inspection and high corruption that have led to tainted food, exploding tires, and unsafe toys, the Chinese Communist Party has tried to unreasonably tighten its import standards for goods importing from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and the U.S. Instead of admitting its negligence and liability, the Chinese Communist Party has tried to frame others countries as if they have been purposely using product safety to deter China's export growth.

Politicizing product safety, but not the Olympics, is certainly a strategy that the Chinese Communist Party has adopted. Unfortunately, whereas the Chinese Communist Party is a monopoly of all politics in China, it has no right to victimize conscious consumers in the world by selling them unsafe products. This is pure consumerism, not politics, when it comes to consumption of unsafe products.

Perhaps, the Chinese Communist Party should change their vocabularies as soon as possible before it is sanctioned by all the consumers all over the world. This is NOT politics, but conscious consumers' rational decision -- stop buying any suspicious products from China.

The following are two videos from the CNN News available on youtube about the problems of China unsafety products:


Monday, August 13, 2007

Designer of Olympics Bird Nest Criticizes Beijing Olympics

Ai WeiWei, a designer for Beijing Olympics stadiums, said Beijing was using pomp and propaganda to hide the true face of China. He cited many human rights violation cases in Beijing resulted from the Olympics. An example is labor exploitation of constructions workers at the Beijing Olympics sites. He also criticized the Chinese Communist Party that its effort to stop air pollution in Beijing just for the Olympics was pathetic.

The following is a video available on youtube posted by "AlJazeeraEnglish" containing an interview with Ai WeiWei:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Beijing Olympics Renamed as Animal Olympics by Simon Clegg?

To defend against any boycott of Beijing Olympics, Simon Clegg, the British Olympic Association chief executive, has submissively agreed to the Chinese Communist Party propaganda that no one should "politicize" the Olympics. He has also implied that Human Rights problems in China is some "politics" that he and his association will not consider because they are "apolitical"!

If the Olympics no longer respects human rights and human value, should it be considered as an event for human beings at all? Can we call the Olympics "Animal Olympics" from now on? I suppose we may add to it events such as pig racing and cockroach racing! Why would the Olympics be restricted to human beings anyway?

I believe the committee members of the International Olympics Committee would not really mind after all. In their minds, human rights and human value are nothing compared to the sports event itself.

By treating human rights issues as political issues and by maintaining itself "apolitical", the International Olympics Committee may as well be called "International Animal Olympics Committee". Why would any of these apolitical members of the committee care anyway if they are indifferent to human rights. Calling their association an "animal organization" or calling the Olympics the "Animal Olympics" should not be a problem. I believe these apolitical people will accept the new name "peacefully"!

In any case, since Simon Clegg, the British Olympic Association chief executive, has openly declared that he is apolitical towards Human Rights issues, we can safely call him an "animal" and the British Olympic Association "the British Animal Olympic Association"! A person being apolitical on any human rights issues should certain be indifferent to being called an "animal" anyway! The Chinese Communist Party which has never respected much human rights in China can be called the "Chinese Animal Communist Party"! And no complain please cause we should keep everything "apolitical"!


Tibetans protesting in China

The "Students for a Free Tibet", an international organization has sent its members to China to protest against China's invasion and occupation of Tibet several times this year. They protested at least three times within China this year. Its members put up signs protesting against the communist Olympics to be hosted in Beijing and the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese Communist Party once in Beijing, once on the top of Mount Everest, and once at the Great Wall of China. Each time members of the Students for a Free Tibet were arrested and detained. The lastest episode was the arresting of the director of the Students for a Free Tibet in Beijing, who was writing her blog about the things happening there.

Reportedly, some of the members involved in these protests were released.

A banner put up in Beijing:

A banner put up on the top of Mount Everest:

A banner put up at the Great Wall of China:

Students of a Free Tibet Director, Lhadon Tethong, before Her Arrest:


Monday, August 6, 2007

Hormone-free Pigs for Olympics, not for Chinese!

The Chinese Communist Party has suddenly realized that China with a high rate of economic growth has so many unsolvable problems, ranging from deaths of Chinese due to pollution to tainted food that kills foreign citizens and pets.

Despite lagging far behind the WWII losing country, Japan, in its economic and scientific development for more than a few decades, the Chinese Communist Party is trying its very best to showcase its "great achievements" through the hosting of the Olympics in 2008. With all the unsolvable problems that it has created in the name of economic development, the Chinese Communist Party has to defend its legitimacy as a government of China by covering up all these serious problems.

About a month ago, the Chinese Communist Party has started to move highly polluting industries away from Beijing. Now, it declares to supply Olympics athletes with hormone-free pork. Instead of promising Chinese citizens that it will provide long-term solutions to these obvious problems to save lives of Chinese and non-Chinese, the Chinese Communist Party has chosen to cover up these problems temporarily. No wonder this once-civilized and powerful country, China, has become a poor country with a per capita GDP less than one-tenth of that of the WWII loser Japan!

So, what will happen after the Olympics? Everything will be back to normal. Air pollution in Beijing will rise at around 20% a year, not to mention its sandstorm that is created by the colonization of Chinese in Inner Mongolia; tainted food will continue to kill Chinese and non-Chinese as usual without any serious control by the Chinese Communist Party.

What then is the meaning of the Olympics to be hosted in China in 2008? A big show that tells the world that no matter how corrupt a country is, it will still receive support from athletes and non-athletes all over the world in the name of sports! Don't mix up politics and sports. This is what the Chinese Communist Party tries to preach. One of these days, some Mafia organizations will be hosting some sports events too. Should we support them too? Someone will come out and tell us not to mix up public security and sports! Just watch out!


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Olympics Host Engages in Burmese Missile Race

A recent article by a Burmese human rights group, Human Dictator Watch, suggests that Russia and China might have helped the Burmese dictatorship in developing a new missile site which may create serious regional arms imbalance. The missiles alleged supplied by the North Korean dictatorship represent that target the airbases in Thailand represent a major threat not only to Thailand but its surrounding small countries.

Some research done by the BBC inside Burma has also suggested that there is evidence of uranium refinery in Burma. Will Burma turn into a second North Korea that receives consultation from Russia and China, eventually allowing it to come up with some evil intention of becoming a nuclear weapon possessing country?

The lack of weapon sale control and nuclear technology transfer makes the Olympics host, China, a dangerous and likely irresponsible power in the next ten years. Instead of invading Afghanistan, this new power is now well-known for imposing major threats to the world indirectly! From indirectly encouraging Iran and North Korea to maintain nuclear facilities without being sanctioned, to selling arms to Sudan and Burma, this Olympics host is certainly totally unprepared to become the world's number 3 economy.

Perhaps, it is time for the world to let this 2008 Olympics host understand the Spiderman philosophy, namely, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

World peace first, Olympics second!

What is the purpose for allowing a country that fails to keep up its responsibility of maintaining world peace to host the Olympics? There are so many human-right-respecting free countries in the world. Why should anyone, except for some irresponsible corporations, support the Olympics to hosted by a human-right-violating, world-peace-disrespecting communist dictatorship? Why should a global citizen spend even a penny on Olympics related commercial products which will eventually be used to strengthen the power of an irresponsible and dangerous dictatorship?