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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Griefs, Suffering, and Chaos in China under the Communist Regime

Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hosted in Beijing China which is ruled by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party CCP.

As China is enjoying an economic growth rate of at least 10% a year, most Chinese people in China (even those in Beijing and Shanghai) have barely tasted the fruit of economic growth. State owned properties, land, and enterprises in China have fallen to the hands of a few powerful communists. The Chinese communist local authorities in China even steal land from farmers giving them only little compensation. These communists also own power plants and highly polluting industries that have been creating an unprecedented number of cancer cases killing thousands and thousands of Chinese every year. There have been many protests recently in many provinces in China. Most of them ended up with killing or injury of Chinese citizens. The casualty rate has been increasing. Human right violation is becoming more and more serious in China.

No human rights, no Beijing Olympics 2008 in China.

On the other hand, the Mainland Chinese communists are known to be copy cats producing billions and billions of pirated items, including VCD movies, CDs, books, clothing, cosmetics, and so on every year. The Chinese Communist Party even own a fake Disneyland in Beijing, China. They use copyrighted Disney characters and Japanese cartoon characters wihtout paying for the franchise or anything.

No elimination of copyright violations, no Beijing Olympics 2008 in China.

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