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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A State-owned Fur Farm in China Skins Animals Alive!

Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hosted in China which is a country ruled by the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party CCP.

Under the Mainland Chinese Communist Regime, China has absolutely no animal rights of any sort for the protection of animals from tortures, abuses, and painful death. In fact, it has been known since the release of some insider movies by Peta that the fur farms in China have been practicing inhumane tortures to little animals. In China, dogs, cats, raccoons and other animals are skinned alive and are beaten up before they die in pain lasting for more than 15 minutes. The Mainland Chinese communist government has been accused of knowing these facts and not stopping these extreme cruelty of man kind in the name of China's economic growth. Can we allow such a country to host the Beijing Olympics 2008?

Around the world, there have been protests against China for its total lack of animals right and its inhuman actions against animals.

No animal rights, no Beijing Olympics 2008!

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Marilynette said...

I find it disgusting that a country like China with no laws to protect animals should host such a big event like the olympic games.What they do to animals for fur and for food is absolutely horrific and cruel.They will not bow to external pressure unless a worldwide boycott could be achieved.If these atrocities could be broadcast on world television then the injustices to people and animals might stop.It is the government that should be targeted,many of their own people suffer at their hands.Lets hope there is a very large outcry and changes are forced to be made.