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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Tibet Riot Video Supplied by the Chinese Communist Party is FAKE

The heavy machinery of the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda has been trying its best to bad-mouth Dalai Lama, the Nobel peace prize winner and a prestigious Buddhist monk. The Chinese Communist Party has worked extremely hard to supply photos and videos to western media either directly or indirectly and internet forums. A lot of the so-called evidence of Tibetans invoking violence in Tibet is, however, FAKE!

The following video explains in detail why one of the videos widely spread through the internet is strongly believed to be FAKE. The original video was allegedly shot by a tourist in Tibet. It was posted onto a private blog which is then spread using many discussion forums in the world. The following video analyzes the problem inherent in the original video giving reasons for why the original video is suspicious and why the so-called Tibet Riot could actually have been directed and staged by the Chinese Communist Party.

The same video is also available on Youtube:

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