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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Tribute to the innocent Tibetans who were brutally murdered by the Chinese Communist Party!

Boycott? No boycott? And how?

I believe everyone in the world should understand that it is unfair for an athlete not to participate in the Olympics at all. It has been constructively suggested that as an Olympic athlete, one may simply skip the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Skipping the Olympics Opening Ceremony sends a clear message to the world that whereas everyone should support the Olympics, no compassionate human beings should support the dehumanizing, brutal, dictatorial regime in China.

The following video is a tribute to those Tibetan monks and civilians who were brutally tortured and/or murdered by the violent and illegitimate Chinese government:


Antonio said...

Reasons NOT to boycott the Beijing Olympic Games:

- Boycotting the games will only provoke the opposite of what it tries to attain. It won't turn China into a "better" country, but will cause further isolation. China will feel insulted by the international community. She would dwell on the idea that the world is conspiring against her, and could repeat the political isolation she went through during decades. It is better to allow China to gradually open, because it is into open countries that democratizing ideals can enter.

- Boycotting the Olympic Games politicizes sports. China was given the Olympic Games not for being a virtuous country, but for being a sporting power. If only virtuous countries were given Olympic Games, most of the countries in the planet wouldn't be able to host them. And who would decide which countries are deserving of hosting Olympic games or not? Europe, the continent which once impoverished the world? USA, architect of many of the conflicts in the modern world?

- Boycotting is useless. We wish Tibet and Taiwan could some day decide their own destinies. We hope for the release of Hu Jia and other dissidents. We want democracy to come to China one day, as well as freedom of speech. We don't want Internet censorship. Will boycotting the games attain any of these goals? NO. It will only cause further fury.

Peter Wilmslow said...

If there's no CNN in this world, the world should become peace.