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Monday, March 31, 2008

Instead of the World Changing China, China is Changing the World

"Instead of the World Changing China, China is Changing the World. Dragging it in the direction of Oppression!" A Tibetan spoke softly while he was arrested by the Greek police. "No Olympics torch to Tibet. Shame on China," he repeated. The following video was captured when Tendor, a Tibetan, was arrested after protesting outside of the Olympics Torch Ceremony in Greece.


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No said... - boycott the chinese propaganda games

Dr Bob said...

Freedom is not negotiable.
China has failed to live up to its promise to abide by the laws that allow free speech and movement. The failure of the Chinese government to do this remove the obligation of the free world to by its support.
Therefore we MUST BOYCOTT or appear to support the opression by default.
The free world cannot allow yet anouther country to slip into this situation.
Think about it!!
Dr Bob
Roseville Michigan