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Friday, June 1, 2007

Forced Eviction in Beijing in the Name of Olympics

The above video, entitled "The Unseen China - Chapter 4", is one of the 5 videos in this series. See also the other videos in the series:
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These videos from Youtube show the dark side of the hosting of Olympics 2008 and economic development in Beijing in recent years. Many citizens in China become unemployed and their pensions have been forfeited as state-enterprise privatize and evil businessmen close down factories for real estate development.

On the other hand, Beijing dwellers have been evicted by local government in the name of Beijing Olympics. In fact, Olympics is just an excuse. The local government receives bribe money and colludes with evil real estate developers. Old houses have been demolished to give way to the building of new hotels and shop malls. Original owners of the old houses often receives little compensation. Some of them become homeless because they are don't have sufficient money to afford new houses or they are unable to obtain mortgage loans. They eventually become homeless.

(The videos are posted in Youtube by a youtuber, "chryosx")

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Matthew Sitachitt said...

Hi, I am doing a research paper on the forced eviction of the olympic games. I really would like to use these videos posted on your page. However, I need to know where you get the videos from and how could I cite it, to prevent plagiarism. And is there a way I could interview you?