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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Green Games Turn Grey

To prepare for Beijing Olympics 2008, the Chinese Communist Party has set some pollution target for Beijing.

It turns out that Beijing was unable to meet the target in May. In fact, the month of May turned out to be the most pollution month of the year!

By moving polluting industries out of Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party has been hoping to reduce the level of air pollution in Beijing to an acceptable level so that Beijing can host Olympics 2008 in a "glamorous" way! As usual, the Chinese Communist Party has overlooked many factors. The Northwestern region is the culprit for producing the smog in Beijing. Moving a bunch of substandard powerplants or factories in Beijing cannot solve the air pollution problem in Beijing because the pollutants are produced in areas close to Beijing but not in Beijing itself.

Now, the Chinese Communist Party must be worried about their dreams in their own world because their so-called "Green Games" will turn grey!



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peopleBEreal08 said...

Do not you are innocent, I don't know what the real reason behind all these things.willen you guys destroy China? It's impossible.At first I really believe that China does al this things, because at newspaper I read almost the same story. But after I searching a lot, I just found out, that every things isn't true. Exsample: Tibetaans fall Chinese bank in tibet as beasts.Chinese people defend themselves, tibetaans and media tell the people wrong story.It's all nonsense.People will find out.