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Monday, June 4, 2007

Conservation of Tibetan Culture

Tibetan Photo Project has created a video in honor of the Congressional Gold Medal for Dalai Lama. The video discusses about the need to preserve Tibetan culture. China as a rising nation with economic power should consider helping instead of obstructing Tibetans in preserving their valuation unique culture.

The invasion of Tibet since the 1950s has created endless conflict between Tibetan and the Chinese Communist Party. There is still a major lack of freedom of religion for Tibetans who have strong faith in the religion, Buddhism. There have been news about Tibetan monks being beaten up and jailed without fair trials. Foreign reporters are banned from interviewing Tibetans such that there is virtually no contact between the Tibetans in Tibet and the outside world.

One world, one dream. Free Tibet. Stop brutual invasion of land and culture!

Video source: Tibetan Photo Project

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