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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

China Builds Highway for Olympics to Symbolize its Sovereinty in Tibet

China is planning to build a highway on the top of Mount Everest, between Napal and Tibet. The Chinese Communist Party claims that the highway facilitates the Olympic Torch Relay that passes through Tibet.

Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain, is 29,035 feet tall and straddles the border between Tibet and Nepal.

According to Phayul, taking Olympic torch to the top of Everest may well be a strategy of the Chinese Communist Party to underscore its claims to Tibet. This may eventually lead to unprecedented protests from Tibetans. In fact, four Free Tibet activists from the U.S. were arrested on Everest base camp in April after unfurling a banner calling for Tibet's independence.

Chinese Communist troops first occupied Tibet in 1950. The Dalai Lama, revered by Tibetans as their undisputed spiritual and political leader now lives in India after escaping Tibet in 1959. The following is a video that documents the reality of Tibetans' lives under the Chinese Communist occupation.


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