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Monday, August 6, 2007

Hormone-free Pigs for Olympics, not for Chinese!

The Chinese Communist Party has suddenly realized that China with a high rate of economic growth has so many unsolvable problems, ranging from deaths of Chinese due to pollution to tainted food that kills foreign citizens and pets.

Despite lagging far behind the WWII losing country, Japan, in its economic and scientific development for more than a few decades, the Chinese Communist Party is trying its very best to showcase its "great achievements" through the hosting of the Olympics in 2008. With all the unsolvable problems that it has created in the name of economic development, the Chinese Communist Party has to defend its legitimacy as a government of China by covering up all these serious problems.

About a month ago, the Chinese Communist Party has started to move highly polluting industries away from Beijing. Now, it declares to supply Olympics athletes with hormone-free pork. Instead of promising Chinese citizens that it will provide long-term solutions to these obvious problems to save lives of Chinese and non-Chinese, the Chinese Communist Party has chosen to cover up these problems temporarily. No wonder this once-civilized and powerful country, China, has become a poor country with a per capita GDP less than one-tenth of that of the WWII loser Japan!

So, what will happen after the Olympics? Everything will be back to normal. Air pollution in Beijing will rise at around 20% a year, not to mention its sandstorm that is created by the colonization of Chinese in Inner Mongolia; tainted food will continue to kill Chinese and non-Chinese as usual without any serious control by the Chinese Communist Party.

What then is the meaning of the Olympics to be hosted in China in 2008? A big show that tells the world that no matter how corrupt a country is, it will still receive support from athletes and non-athletes all over the world in the name of sports! Don't mix up politics and sports. This is what the Chinese Communist Party tries to preach. One of these days, some Mafia organizations will be hosting some sports events too. Should we support them too? Someone will come out and tell us not to mix up public security and sports! Just watch out!


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Jana said...

Keep up the good reports ..

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CIPFG supports a boycott too.