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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Olympics Host Engages in Burmese Missile Race

A recent article by a Burmese human rights group, Human Dictator Watch, suggests that Russia and China might have helped the Burmese dictatorship in developing a new missile site which may create serious regional arms imbalance. The missiles alleged supplied by the North Korean dictatorship represent that target the airbases in Thailand represent a major threat not only to Thailand but its surrounding small countries.

Some research done by the BBC inside Burma has also suggested that there is evidence of uranium refinery in Burma. Will Burma turn into a second North Korea that receives consultation from Russia and China, eventually allowing it to come up with some evil intention of becoming a nuclear weapon possessing country?

The lack of weapon sale control and nuclear technology transfer makes the Olympics host, China, a dangerous and likely irresponsible power in the next ten years. Instead of invading Afghanistan, this new power is now well-known for imposing major threats to the world indirectly! From indirectly encouraging Iran and North Korea to maintain nuclear facilities without being sanctioned, to selling arms to Sudan and Burma, this Olympics host is certainly totally unprepared to become the world's number 3 economy.

Perhaps, it is time for the world to let this 2008 Olympics host understand the Spiderman philosophy, namely, "With great power, comes great responsibility."

World peace first, Olympics second!

What is the purpose for allowing a country that fails to keep up its responsibility of maintaining world peace to host the Olympics? There are so many human-right-respecting free countries in the world. Why should anyone, except for some irresponsible corporations, support the Olympics to hosted by a human-right-violating, world-peace-disrespecting communist dictatorship? Why should a global citizen spend even a penny on Olympics related commercial products which will eventually be used to strengthen the power of an irresponsible and dangerous dictatorship?


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