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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

China: Politicizing Product Safety but Not the Olympics

To the Chinese Communist Party, human rights are politics. In most advanced civilized nations, however, human rights are part of human principles and human value.

The Chinese Communist Party continually warns the world that no one should politicize the Olympics based on its major human rights violation in China. However, human rights groups all over the world believe the Olympics promotes human values and human principles and, therefore, the dismal human rights condition in china should be seriously considered in determining whether the Chinese Communist Party, a dictator in China, is legitimate to host the Olympics.

What is ironic is, the Chinese Communist Party has tried its best to politicize its own food and product safety problems in its exports to the world. Instead of trying to improve on its poor inspection and high corruption that have led to tainted food, exploding tires, and unsafe toys, the Chinese Communist Party has tried to unreasonably tighten its import standards for goods importing from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and the U.S. Instead of admitting its negligence and liability, the Chinese Communist Party has tried to frame others countries as if they have been purposely using product safety to deter China's export growth.

Politicizing product safety, but not the Olympics, is certainly a strategy that the Chinese Communist Party has adopted. Unfortunately, whereas the Chinese Communist Party is a monopoly of all politics in China, it has no right to victimize conscious consumers in the world by selling them unsafe products. This is pure consumerism, not politics, when it comes to consumption of unsafe products.

Perhaps, the Chinese Communist Party should change their vocabularies as soon as possible before it is sanctioned by all the consumers all over the world. This is NOT politics, but conscious consumers' rational decision -- stop buying any suspicious products from China.

The following are two videos from the CNN News available on youtube about the problems of China unsafety products:


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