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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boycotting Olympics not only for Burmese, Darfuris, and North Koreans, but also for Chinese!

This article has been posted in the "Support the Monks' protest in Burma Discussions" Facebook group:

I urge all of you, Bo supporters, to go to youtube to see what is actually happening to many Chinese citizens in China.

The so-called economic development in China has benefited only a small bunch of elite class Chinese, many of whom are directly related to the Chinese Communist Party.

One will be naive to believe that continuing economic development in China will eventually make China a free country. The economic development in China is NOT sustainable under the fake corrupt communist regime! It is only a matter of time for the time bomb to explode!

Yeah, boycotting China products will hurt Chinese in general. However, most Chinese are still farmers! They are the ones who are suffering from the so-called economic development.

BTW, any economy has economic down turns anyway. I believe the affluent small group of Chinese should not be that selfish! Remember most big corporations in China are now run by Chinese Communist Party members or their relatives. Let them suffer the most!

Boycott Olympics not only for Burmese, Darfuris, and North Koreans, but also for Chinese!

Boycotting products from China can also be good because many Chinese are suffering from seriously low quality products produced by many heartless corrupt businesses in China. The majority of Chinese consumers actually suffer from the so-called economic development, though many of them may not realize how bad it is (they will know it soon when they have cancer).

Therefore, boycott made in China, not only for Burmese, Darfuris, and North Koreans, but also for Chinese!

It is time to give dictators and heartless producers a wake up call!

2008 is the best and perhaps the ONLY chance for us, Chinese, to stand up and do something, not only for ourselves, but also for the world of third world dictatorial countries!

We can only live once. If there is any meaning to life at all, it would be to live to see that there is at least some justice and human dignity that we can pursue. We don't just go to work, eat, sleep, and die like other animals. But that's what the Chinese Communist Party wants you to do!

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