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Friday, October 19, 2007

An Updated List of Detainees After the Monks' Protest in Burma

Assistant Association for Political Prisoners has published an online list of detainees after the monks' protest in Burma:

Contrary to what the Chinese Communist Party has claimed, the Burmese dictatorship has stepped up its effort to arrest peaceful monks and civilians in Burma. Behind the apparent peace and quiet in Rangoon, arrested monks and civilians in Burma have been tortured and murdered. Human rights abuse has been non-stop despite that protests have been stopped.

Obviously, the Chinese dictator supports the arrests and the human rights violation in Burma by vetoing any UN Security Council resolution even today. It even claimed that a UN SC visit to Burma was fruitful by ignoring all the monks being capture without any open and fair trial. In other words, if exactly the same event happens in China, the Chinese Communist Party will do exactly the same thing to its people!

It is time for Chinese to stand up to boycott Beijing Olympics, or else they are nothing more than a bunch of cowards who are happy slaves of the dictatorial regime enjoying a little bit of freedom with a little increase in their standard of living.

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