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Friday, October 12, 2007

Olympics Host's Indifference Toward the Brutality of the Burmese Dictator

The following is an abstract of the record of speech made by the representative of China during the UN Security Council Meeting held on October 5, 2007:

The current situation does not pose any threat to international or regional peace and security. The future of Myanmar lies in the hands of its people and its Government, and their problems will be addressed properly through consultations. In our view, it is quite understandable for the outside world to express concern or expectations regarding the situation on the ground. However, pressure would not serve any purpose and would only lead to confrontation or even the loss of dialogue and cooperation between Myanmar and the international community, including the United Nations. Therefore, the Security Council should adopt a prudent and responsible approach in handling the issue of Myanmar.

The international community can help the country achieve national reconciliation and democratic progress by offering constructive engagement and mediation. The key is to take the right approach. Yet, if the situation in Myanmar takes a turn for the worse because of external intervention, it will be the people of the country who bear the brunt. That is the last thing that China, as well as other neighbours of Myanmar and other regional countries, wish to see. We look forward to continued constructive engagement and cooperation between the international community and the Myanmar Government, which, we hope, will help the country move in a positive direction.

1. The Chinese Communist Party has never mentioned anything about the wrongful act committed by the Burmese dictator!

2. The Chinese Communist Party actually indirectly condemned the rest of the world as being responsible for the brutal crackdown in Burma! It also warned the world that any reaction against the Burmese dictator may trigger another round of evil crackdown against Burmese civilians and monks. And the world will be fully responsible for the consequence.

3. It has also argued that the UN Security Council is fully responsible in the future, not the Burmese dictator, as it is the responsibility of the UN SC to "HELP" the Burmese dictator maintain stability in Burma.

By not condemning the brutality of the Burmese dictator, the Chinese Communist Party has already violated the Charter of the UN Security Council!

Under the Charter, the functions and powers of the Security Council are:

* to maintain international peace and security in accordance with "the principles and purposes of the United Nations; "

* to determine the existence of a threat to the peace or "act of aggression" and to recommend what action should be taken;

Also, on the front page of the UN Charter:


2. to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and

At the Oct 5 meeting, China purposely ignored point #2!!!

China tried to distract people's attention by pointing only at the regional stability!

BTW, the UN is not supposed to only handle "international" dispute; it is also required to oversee individual countries in the case of human rights violation! This is why the UN has set up the so-called "Human Rights Council"!

So is it the responsibility of the Human Rights Council then? Not necessarily! Cause the UN Security Council has to follow the mission of the UN Charter, that is, all of the above functions, including HUMAN RIGHTS violation! To oversee the use of aggression of the Burmese dictator to its own people is within the scope of the UN Charter and is one of the functions of the UN Security Council.

The following video from CNN expresses concern about the missing monks in Burma after the brutal crackdown by the Burmese dictator:

The so-called restoration of peace within Burma is a disguise of more EVIL acts that is still conducted by the Burmese dictator!


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