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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tu Tu May Boycott Beijing Olympics, if Situations in Burma and Darfur Do Not Improve

The following is a message from the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Demond Tu Tu, on the possibility of Boycotting Beijing Olympics which is available on youtube:

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American in South Africa said...

Mr. Tu Tu, Please explain how you yourself exercise a strong presence in South Africa politics and yet have the audacity to comment on China who was one of the few supporters of the ANC (Nelson Mandela’s party) when most western governments officially labelled it a terrorist group. My how times change. Yet G Bush has refused to apologize to the ANC despite calls from various US politic groups. Want to learn something of modern day China. Rather than rely on the misinformation you are routinely feed, go to China, as I have been many times, and you will soon realize the fallacy of your comments. The difference beteen Chinese media and Western media is most western's actually believe theirs were as the China appreciate theirs is controlled while most of you haven't a clue how controlled your's is. Mr Tu Tu’s press conference reference to Sudan best illustrates his hypocrisy. Your ignore comments on this site illustrate yours. More: