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Saturday, July 7, 2007

"What Ifs" of Beijing Olympics

1. What if air pollution in Beijing is not getting better? It has been known that every year, some professional athletes going to the Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank Marathon end up with some health problems, ranging from fainting to heart attacks. Will international athletes die at the Beijing Olympics or at least have their performance negatively affected due to severe air pollution?

2. What if tap water gets polluted? It is known that China under the so-called "communist regime" does not have any good public health care system. Where would international athletes receive medical treatment and at what costs?

3. What if the victims of forced eviction in the name of Olympics protest on the street blocking Marathon runners from finishing their race?

4. What if Taiwan declares itself an independent state permanently departing from Mainland China? Will Beijing Olympics turn out to be the first War Olympics or Invasion Olympics in human history?

5. What if North Korea and Iran announce that they will speed up their nuclear weapon development programs and the U.S. would like China to vote at the UN Security Council for immediate sanction against these countries? Will the U.S. boycott Beijing Olympics at the middle of the game when China declines the sanction proposal?

6. What if reporters from all over the world who go to China insist in reporting news related to Tibet, East Turkistan, and other even more sensitive issues? Will reporters boycott all forms of coverage of Beijing Olympics when some of them are arrested reporting the sensitive issues?

7. What if Olympics catering carelessly feeds international athletes with poisonous food which leads to the death of some of them?

8. What if some of the Olympics constructions collapse due the use of fake or substandard construction materials?

9. What if human right groups march to the street in Beijing protesting against the human right violation by the Chinese Communist Party in China? What if the majority of Chinese demand immediate political reform towards democracy at the middle of the Olympics?

10. What if severe sandstorm continue non-stop for a week?

11. What if college students in Beijing repeat what happened on June 4, 1989?

12. What if the People's Liberation Army officials press a wrong button and launch a missile carrying a nuclear warhead that eventually hits Japan?

13. What if the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Church accuses the Pope of provoking Chinese Catholics to revolt against the Chinese Communist Party? Will the Pope announce a world-wide boycott of the Olympics by all Catholics right at the middle of the Olympics?

14. Will the numerous riots and protests in China get even bigger and more frequent during the Olympic Games? Will the Chinese Communist Party declare Martial Law and impose curfew on all people, including international athletes, in Beijing?

Well, the possibilities seem endless! Perhaps, any imaginative being will be able to create another list that is much longer and much more likely to happen than mine!


Xiao Ming said...

Our country is very poor. It is not the right time to hold Olympics. We should strengthen our army first. Our troop is not well equipped and that makes every Chinese worries. We should build more ICBMs and nuclear submarines since we are facing the increase containment from the U.S, so let we produce more DF31A and 094 and let those who hate China can only fuck themselves since military might is the only language they can understand.

Mike said...

Well, number 12 is a pretty far-fetched (okay, utterly impossible) scenario.

I'm trying to think how China is worse than Korea or Mexico, who have held Olympics, and I'm coming up blank.

Jana said...

Stop the Killing or No Olympics

Re Mike, I don't think Korea or Mexico have ever kept large amount of prisoners of conscience in jails, blood tested them ,tissue matched them , and kept them waiting till the right buying recepient fronts up with the cash to buy the soon to be murdered persons organs.

This is all done by the military so they can save up and buy more weapons to do what our fellow commenter Xiao ming has said.

This is a new form of evil never seen on the planet before. Please check out this site for independent investigative reports by 2 distinguished gentlemen

Please don't forget that the Chinese communist regime has killed more Chinese people than Hitler and Stalin killed in 2 world wars- over 80 million and the killing is still happening to day.

As for Xiao Ming you had better quit the CCP before heavens destroy it and take you with it.

This is the utmost compassion we have for Chinese people. We do not hate China or Chinese people. We love China. Its the CCP that has to go for a free China and safer world. Communism is a relatively new forced addition to China.

Wake up before its too late...

Xiao Ming said...

Shut up. You FLG fucked-up pig head. What I call you people is "SB". A SB is a SB. I don't argue with people with low IQ.

Jana said...

Xiao, you must wake up to the fact that the communist regime is an axes of evil and always has been.

You and many other Chinese have been brainwashed completely and you are not free to think with righteousness and compassion for humanity.

We are in contact with many many Falun Gong practitioners in China and believe me FAlun Gong is not gone like the communist regime would like you to believe.We are strong in our millions.

Falun Gong is saving the Chinese people from being degenerate immoral corrupted beings who do the evil communist regimes killing, torture and losing all concern for fellow human beings.

The communist regime have made themselves and money your highest God haven't they?

This is no longer a good state to be in. And the free world will not accept this low standard of being human nor do the Gods Buddhas and Daos.

The communist regime has told you that Falun Gong does all sort of heinous crimes. They have lied to you and all Chinese people. We do not burn ourselves nor do we commit suicide nor do we murder our children and grandmothers..
If we did that why has no other country in the world seen any Falun Gong practitioner do that?

This is communist propaganda.A propaganda campaign was launched at demonizing Falun Gong because Jiang Zemin was jealous of Falun Gongs popularity.

There are those who remain loyal to Jiang Zemin but many do not and want to see the end of this persecution as it has torn a nation apart.

They say that Falun Gong is gone in China because they do not want you to know that they have failed in eradicating Falun Gong in 3 months as Jiang Zemin stated would happen in 1999. 8 years later we are stronger and more resilient than ever because we have Zhen Truth, Shan Compassion and Ren Forbearance on our side .

Xiao please listen you will not win the war on Falun Gong.. Please quit the CCp now before its too late .Reclaim you goodness now for a bright future.

Xiao Ming said...

Shut up, you pig head. I am a oversea Chinese, as almost any other oversea Chinese I known the people we hate mostly is people like you. I give my middle finger salute to you pig head every time we see them. Human garbage, waste of life. I just wonder who stupid can those pigs be. Maybe you are just doing the stupid thing to get paid otherwise you have IQ lower than 30 and doomed to be eliminated in the process of evolution. haha 法轮功猪头,去死吧

Jana said...

Dear Xiao Ming,

I know that many overseas Chinese are bribed paid or coerced from the communist regime to do what you are doing here now in this blog. Ccp may threaten to hurt your family back in China Ccp may have paid for your education Overseas as long as you do what Ccp says and slander Falun Gong and those wanting democracy in China for the poor Chinese people.
Ccp is evil.

The democratic world is not stupid. Every day a new story makes the news about communist China and the trouble of pollution, poison products, late term abortions, people eating the fetus, jailing Aids activists and lawyers who defend human rights, rat wars and imminent plague, Bird Flu virus, SARS, slave workers , child slave labour, live organ harvesting, largest amount of executions world wide.... the list is endless... even the Ccp cannot control the emergence of these atrocities and the Ccp's corruption involved. The lid has come of the secrecy of communist suppression in China.

Falun Gong deeply care for all Chinese people in China and overseas, we will tell you the truth, we will protect you when the Ccp turns on you and they will.

Chinese Chen Yonglin defected from Sydney Chinese Consulate in Australia. After spying on Falun Gong for 4 years as his job working for the Ccp he defected and ran to Falun Gong and we ensured his safety and a protection visa to stay in Australia. WE are your friends please remember that. Falun Gong is Good

Falun Dafa Hao!!

Xiao Ming said...

All right. Keep your BS to yourself. You are not Chinese and obviously have very low IQ. It is all my fault to talk to an idiot.Don't be shame of your mental disability because it is beyond your control. A society should take a good care of people like you, and that is what rehabilitation center for.