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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Limiting Foreigner Transplants Just For Olympics

The Chinese Communist Party has been seriously criticized by many human right advocates in some advanced nations for conducting internationally unacceptable practice of organ harvest. A study by two Canadian renowned politicians has shown solid evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has harvested internal organs from prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners without obtaining their consents. Some of the organs may even have been removed from these victims while they were still alive.

To avoid another boycott (besides the boycott due to Darfur genocide) of Beijing Olympics, the Chinese Communist Party has finally decided to cover up the organ harvest case by making organ transplants illegal for foreigners temporarily. The problem with the seemingly compromising action is that despite the restriction on foreigner transplants, there is no guarantee that prisoners and Falun Gong practitioners will not be executed without receiving fair trials.

The action also cannot guarantee that organs removed from prisoners will not be stored for future usage or even for exports. Still another problem is that the new restriction may be temporary and will be removed soon after Beijing Olympics is over.

The following are two videos uploaded by youtubers "GeorgiaY" and "pfict" about organ harvest conducted by the Chinese Communist Party:



Jana said...

I can assure this is a cover up in the lead up to the Games. In July 2006 the communist regime proclaimed ban on Organ harvesting only to proclaim another ban on July 1 2007 this year.

They have consistently denied organ harvesting is happening to Falun Gong practitioners and to prisoners without consent yet these 2 announcement's prove the existance of organ harvesting and the fact that they have no intention of stopping the grisly practice . Since this is an initiative of the army and the army hospital all the profits go the army which are considerable. the profits go.

While they will never admit to organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience -Falun Gong the 2 investigative reports by renowned VIPs David Kilgour and David Matas have produced considerable evidence while requesting an independent team to go into China unfettered to investigate has been denied by the communist regime.

UN Rapporteurs have also been denied unfettered access as well as Amnesty.

lianghaochen said...

omfg, don;t u have anything better to do than posting up stuff for FLG?

Jana said...

Dear lianghaochen,
No i dont this is the single most important event on the planet today.

Its time all you Chinese people woke up to the real intentions of the Ccp. You have been lied to for many years .

The world will never be a safe place until China is free of the communist regime. The Chinese people want democracy freedom culture and peace. So does the West. Only by peacefully turning our back on the communist regime can the Chinese people realize a True Chinese renaissance is within their sights. A new era is before us lets together choose goodness over evil peace over violence love over hate. The Chinese Need Freedom Before the 2008 Olympic Games. The Chinese communist regime will fall.

The CCP has told the Chinese people that Falun Gong no longer exists and that the persecution has never happened and that the reason why Falun Gong had to be re-educated is that we kill our mothers burn our selves and hang our babies up..etcc.

Nothing could be further from the truth. But the poor suppressed and brainwashed Chinese people do not know any better. Some do some are waking up and quitting the CCP.

Here are some sited for you visit to verify what i just said,

A famous Chinese human rights lawyer Mr Gao Zhisheng tried to defend Falun Gong and was himself thrown into jail and persecuted and they threatened his family,all tactics the Ccp uses to beat down peoples conscience said after 8 moths of torture he realized that there were good people in eh Ccp and v very bad people. The good people were trying to survive and help other good people like this Lawyer Gao.

He said that the 2 things the Ccp were most afraid of were the social uprisings (87,000 last year) and the resilience of FAlun Gong.

We are stronger than ever they will never defeat Truth Compassion and Forbearance. Zhen Shan Ren..

nearly 24 million have quit the Ccp

Read their stories,95,,1.html

Quit while you can before the heaven destroy it and all those who still have their heart with it..