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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A World Bank Report Indicates a Clean Beijing Olympics Unlikely

Whereas the Chinese Communist Party has become more sensitive to its environment record, a study conducted by the World Bank has indicated that more than 750,000 Chinese die of air-pollution related diseases prematurely every year. This report certainly smacks on the face of the Environmental Department in China which just declared that the Chinese Communist Party would dedicate its full effort to make Beijing Olympics a "Green Olympics".

Ironically, the Chinese Communist Party had just warned the World Bank that the report should cut off the intimidating figure to avoid any panic. The final version of the World Bank air pollution report, therefore, may not contain the important figure about the horrifying truth about the severity of China air pollution. However, that does not mean the Chinese Communist Party will be able to control air pollution. It only shows once again that the Chinese Communist Party is able to control media as usual.


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