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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Slavery Olympics and Slavery World Wonder

Slavery 2000 years ago and slavery 2000 years later!

This was China in the Chin Dynasty 2000 years ago and this is China under the communist regime 2000 years later. Anyone knows and anyone cares about the Great Wall of China being built by slaves back in the Chin Dynasty? The name China originated from the word "Chin" which was the name of an empire built by the barbaric Chin/Han race originally resided in the northwestern part of Asian Mainland around the Yellow River region.

Chin was initially a small barbaric country which was not civilized despite its advancement in warfare strategy and weapons 2000 years ago. After invading the eastern and the southern parts of Asia Mainland, it declared "unification" of a great nation when in fact it was nothing more than "invasion" of the more civilized countries in the eastern and in the southern parts of Asian Mainland.

The so-called "Chinese" history (official history written by the Chin Dynasty) recorded that after the invasion, the king of Chin had killed many scholars (perhaps civilized citizens in the southern nation) and burned many books (perhaps books and historical records written by the civilized race in the south, the Yuet race).

The king of Chin then enslaved many citizens from the southern nation and ordered them to build the so-called Great Wall of China which served to block any attacks from the even more barbaric race further north (the Huns).

The story of slavery did not end there! Recently, there was real slavery (as opposed to economic slavery) found in Shanxi province in China. Reportedly, local Chinese Communist officials ganged up with gangsters to abduct out-of-province laborers and children. They then sold them to kiln owners as slaves. From the media of Henan, 1000 children were missing. However, only about 100 were rescued. There was no further progress of the rescue being reported.

What is ironic is that in the name of stopping slavery, the Chinese Communist Party invaded Tibet, claiming that Tibetan monks were practicing slavery. What is more ironic is that the true slavery practitioner will be hosting the Olympic Games in 2008. What is even more ironic is that the symbol of slavery, the Great Wall of China, has just been elected as the number 1 World Wonder!



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