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Sunday, July 1, 2007

68,000 People March in Hong Kong Showing Dissatisfaction of the Communist Regime

There were about 68,000 protesters in Hong Kong who joined the July 1 March to voice their dissatisfaction about the Chinese Communist Regime.

Under the Basic Law, an agreement set up jointly by the U.K. government and the Chinese Communist Party in China, Hong Kong has been entitled the unconditional right to elect its own governor and members of its Legislative Council. The Chinese Communist Party has continually argued unilaterally without fundamental justification that the Basic Law is a "subset" of the Constitution of China under the communist regime. Therefore, the right of Universal Suffrage can only been granted by the Chinese Communist Party.

Dissatisfaction and mistrust amongst the people in Hong Kong towards the Chinese Communist Party has been growing since the outbreak of SARS in 2003. This continues to be the case despite the tighter control exerted by the Chinese Communist Party over the media in Hong Kong and Hong Kong's booming economy.

Most protesters are angry about the continual obstruction of the Universal Suffrage by the Chinese Communist Party which has been the basic right of Hong Kong people granted by the Basic Law. As of today, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong who was appointed by the Chinese Communist Party has refused to state a clear road map or a timetable for when Universal Suffrage will actually occur.

The Universal Suffrage in Hong Kong is believed by most of the people in Hong Kong as an good example which will eventually guide the political reform in China.

The Chinese Communist Party has been a dictatorship in China since 1949.


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Jana said...

Can you please post a 6 minute video on your site for Boycotting the Games on live organ harvesting from Falun Gong. I have it on my site too.

The CIPFG will announce its boycott on August 8 2007 for a Human Rights Relay Torch around the world to commence in Greece following the Olympic Torch route for 2008 .
This is CIPFG boycott - to stop Organ a hravesting and to stop persecution of Falun Gong NOW