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Thursday, April 10, 2008

olympics schmolympricks!

A youtuber, djlookwood, wrote a song about the Olympics. According to djlookwood:

"The olympics are a distraction from the core issues of our times, and the number one issue is WAR!

Sports mimic war, or maybe war mimics sport or maybe both are just myths of EMPIRE in the way that we are conditioned to percieve them."

Well, the IOC tries to fool us, consumers, by declaring the Olympics as pure sports, as something that is apolitical!

Look, the Olympics is supposed to be hosted by a city, not a country and certainly not a dictatorial party. Why does the IOC allow a dictatorial party to use it as a tool to publicize its legitimacy and it greatness? Why does the IOC allow gigantic corporations to use the Olympics as a tool to sell their products to sports fans? The Olympics has been political and commercial from day one!

Perhaps, we should stop boycotting the Olympics and starting boycotting the IOC, boycotting the hosting countries, and boycotting the corporation sponsors of the Olympics! The athletes are innocent, but the parties trying to use the athletes for their own good are not!

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