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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Olympics Torch Effect: Hong Kong No Longer a Free Port

Jens Galschiot and the Orange group have been denied entrance to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong SAR government has declined any comment about why the peaceful Color Orange activist who is allowed to enter Hong Kong under international treaty could not enter in Hong Kong, a supposedly free port.

Reportedly, the Orange group was invited by the Hong Kong Alliance, a pro-democratic organization in Hong Kong. Members of Hong Kong Alliance commented that the denial of entrance represented a seriously backward development of democracy in Hong Kong.



Jenny L said...

How dare you say this?

Anyone who has traveled to the United States knows that their customs interrogations are some of the strictest and most unfair processes in the world. Heck, you get arrested for saying "bomb" in an airport! So many people have been detained or held in waiting for hours on end, and given no reason at all as to why. Some are refused entry altogether.

And unless I'm mistaken, you've heard about the Taser incident in British Columbia airport, where a Polish immigrant was Tasered to death by the police. Yet I don't see them being labeled and judged.

People want entry into Hong Kong simply to stand in the way of the torch, to try and disrupt the Games that China has waited so long for. The Hong Kong government has every right to refuse entry to them, and everyone else besides. They can't afford to take any chances with the Games so near. And are people who intentionally sabotage a country not considered "terrorists"?

I'd like a response, please.

Mberenis said...

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Anonymous said...

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