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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Support Jack Cafferty to Stand Against the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Games!

Does the Chinese Communist Party represent Chinese? Is the Chinese Communist Party elected by the Chinese in China? Is the Chinese Communist Party supported by Chinese around the world? Are Chinese or the illegitimate Chinese Communist Party hosting the Olympics?

Starting from today, we should be very careful about our use of words to describe the Chinese Communist Party. Otherwise, we will be facing the same accusation that Jack Cafferty is facing as the Chinese Communist Party tries to turn all Chinese against him. What kind of sin has Jack committed to deserve all the blames? Not much! Just the misuse of the word "China"! Jack used the word "China" when he was trying to describe the crimes committed by the illegitimate Chinese Communist Party.

Just remember China is not equivalent to the illegitimate Chinese Communist Party! We boycott Beijing Olympics hosted by the Chinese Communist Party. We DO NOT boycott "Chinese Olympics" or "China Olympics"! Beijing Olympics is a "Communist Olympics" used by the Chinese Communist Party to promote its recent economic miracle resulting not from its long-term economic policies, but from the influx of investment capital from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the rest of the world!

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