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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Chinese Communist Harassing a Tibetan in London

It is well-known that the Chinese Communist Party has been using the Tibet incident to promote nationalism in China and to try to get full supported from ill-information Chinese who are blinded by the state-run medium. By continually providing Chinese citizens with wrong information about Tibet and Tibetans, the Chinese Communist Party has been able to raise the social tension between Chinese and Tibetans.

Besides the heavy propaganda for bad-mouthing Tibetans and Dalai Lama in China, the Chinese Communist Party has also arranged its overseas communist machineries joined mainly by overseas communists and communist rich kids studying abroad to conduct massive demonstrations against anti-invasion Tibetans. Who in China are sufficiently well-to-do to send their kids to study in London? Remember the per capita GDP of China still ranks about 90 in the world!

The following is a video showing clearly that a pro-communist Chinese was harassing a peaceful Tibetan protester in London:

1 comment:

Angela Lee said...

Support the Olympics. Tibet is part of China. The boycott of Beijing Olympics is politics, Not conscientious comsumerism. Absolutely stereotype!!