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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Barbaric Pro-CCP Chinese Communists in Korea

The following youtube video shows clearly a bunch of pro-Chinese-Communist-Party Chinese violently attacked a pro-Tibetan peaceful protester during the Beijing Olympics Torch relay in South Korea:

The Chinese Communist Party has been practicing cultural genocide in Tibet. Its long-term propaganda has always been to exaggerate its support to Tibetans which aims at raising racial conflict and tension between Mainland Chinese and Tibetans. On the one hand, the Chinese Communist Party declares that Tibetans are Chinese, though not Han Chinese. On the other hand, it always bad-mouths Tibetans as a backward race that is superstitious, uneducated, barbaric, and inferior to Han Chinese.



kadgi said...

If one thing this blog as showed is that this kind of videos/photos are not to be trusted. Posting this videos seems pointless to me...

Free Tibet

Mberenis said...

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